Interview: Jordan Fisher

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He’s already won over hearts everywhere from his roles in The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Liv and Maddie, and most recently he shined as he made his Broadway debut as John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in Hamilton. VULKAN caught up with triple-threat actor Jordan Fisher to discuss how he got his start in acting and his future music goals. 

I understand you got interested in theatre when you were in the 5th grade. What drew you into the art form?

I was drawn in by a pretty girl. She was in drama club and asked me if I was joining. I had massive crush on her, so, of course I joined the club. I did not end up with the girl but I ended up falling in love with acting and began my journey toward becoming a professional actor.

How did it feel when you did your first audition?

My first audition was for the Broadway production of The Lion King. They spotted me at my musical theatre camp at Red Mountain Theatre Company in Birmingham, Alabama; it was for the role of Young Simba. I was so excited at the thought of playing the role that I did not have room in my head for nerves!

How did you prepare?

I don’t remember, I just recall being excited about all possibilities that auditions can bring.

How is it different to how you prepare for roles now that you have some more experience under your belt?

It is important to me that my characters are authentic, so I absorb every piece of material surrounding my character. I need to understand their relationships with others throughout the fabric of a script, so that my character develops organically and takes on a living breathing truth of their own.

Do you get stressed out before auditions?

Being fully prepared and confident in my choices means that I am normally pretty relaxed when I head into auditions. 

You are an impressive multi-instrumentalist; bass, guitar, drums, piano, I get – but French Horn? That’s not one we often hear about! How did you decide to give that a try?

The French Horn was the choice I was given in elementary school as far as instruments to play and I embraced it with enthusiasm. Sadly I have not played since then but I have happy memories!

With your background heavily based in musical theatre, would you say that’s your first love?

Yes, musical theatre is for sure my first love. My first big dream was to appear on Broadway and on the opening night of my debut on Broadway in Hamilton that dream became a reality.

Do you have any interest in getting involved behind-the-scenes in the future, perhaps directing or learning more about the audio and visual components?

Yes, I am definitely looking to a future that will involve production and directorial opportunities. I love every aspect of this business; I want to explore it all.

Liv And Maddie aired it’s final episode this year; what will you miss most about the series and the cast?

The whole cast was like one big family and I miss them all very much. We still keep in touch. Every day on that set was like one big fun family gathering. 

After the success of Hamilton, can we expect to see you on more Broadway productions?

Yes! I’ll be back!

What’s next for you? What should we be keeping an eye out for?

MUSIC!!! Lots of it!!  A new single and an album for sure!

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