Neither Could Dylan Release: Happy

I’m super stoked to officially release the acoustic version of “Happy” today which is all the very first official Neither Could Dylan release. I spoke about this briefly in previous posts, but if you’re not caught up, before I ever embarked on the strange windy dirt roads of Crooked Forest, I was unofficially putting all my new songwriting into a folder I called “Neither Could … Continue reading Neither Could Dylan Release: Happy

Interview: Olivia O’Brien

From the interview archives. When you posted your gnash cover song, did you intend to gain his attention? Were you surprised when it did? I definitely thought it was possible he would see it but I never thought he would contact me and give me free tickets to the show, let alone be interested in working together.  When gnash reached out to you asking to … Continue reading Interview: Olivia O’Brien

Interview: Jordan Fisher

From the interview archive. He’s already won over hearts everywhere from his roles in The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Liv and Maddie, and most recently he shined as he made his Broadway debut as John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in Hamilton. VULKAN caught up with triple-threat actor Jordan Fisher to discuss how he got his start in acting and his future music … Continue reading Interview: Jordan Fisher

Interview: Fetty Wap

From the interview archive. What was your introduction to performing?First time performing was in a marching band public school #6 “The Stallions”  I understand your uncle made you practice diligently until you were able to perform with him in his church band. Did you immediately embrace the challenge or was it difficult to find motivation to practice at that time? When you love something you … Continue reading Interview: Fetty Wap

Interview: Kerri Medders

From the interview archives. Texas native Kerri Medders seems to be popping up everywhere lately. She released her first EP Lot 17 last year and can currently be seen in the hit series SEAL Team as Emma Hayes. Upcoming, you can see her as Gwenny Thompson in the new Netflix original sitcom Alexa & Katie. VULKAN caught up with Kerri to discuss the new show … Continue reading Interview: Kerri Medders

Interview: Alex Sparrow

From the interview archives. He’s appeared on everything from The Bachelor, The Amazing Race, Dancing With The Stars and X-Factor and musician, actor, and adrenaline junkie Alex Sparrow is showing no signs of slowing down. Since winning X-Factor, Alex linked up with Producer RedOne and with new music on the horizon, VULKAN caught up to see what fans can expect from his latest release and … Continue reading Interview: Alex Sparrow

Interview: Logan Shroyer

What attracted you to the role of teenage Kevin in This Is Us? The writing was incredible and I loved the complexities and the layers of the character. He’s idolized by so many yet also has issues and insecurities.   What’s one thing that comes with the territory of being a professional actor that you could do without?  I could do without people acting like they … Continue reading Interview: Logan Shroyer