Interview: Bailee Madison

From the interview archives.

While Season 3 of the Good Witch gets underway, the very charming Bailee Madison took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to VULKAN about the series, her leading role in A Cowgirl’s Story and her brand new young adult novel, Losing Brave.

You star in A Cowgirl’s Story that was very recently released; can you tell us a little about that film?
A Cowgirl’s Story centers on a girl named Dusty Rhodes who has recently moved in with her grandfather, as both of her parents are deployed. She takes it upon herself to bring together a group of unlikely friends on a journey that raises awareness for those who are fighting for our country, and along the way she finds love, hope and faith.

Did you have an interest in horses and equestrianism prior to filming?
I fell in love with horses while filming Cowgirl’s N’ Angels back in 2012. It was a very healing and wonderful experience, so I was so excited to get back on a horse and film for A Cowgirl’s Story.

Working with live animals can be difficult, what was the biggest challenge you faced during filming?
I think just staying in the moment. You can’t predict what a horse is going to do in a scene and you definitely can’t tell them not to make noise over your line! There were so many candid moments that ended up in the movie where one of the horses would do something and I’d have to improvise something to the horse to make it work.

It seems to be every girl’s dream to have a horse, are you about ready to go out and buy your own horse now?
Believe me, if I could I would! However, I’m not sure TSA would like that, as I’m always traveling 🙂

You’ve been acting for basically your entire life at this point, do you have any aspirations to work outside of the industry or are you hooked?
This industry is a huge part of who I am, and Lord willing it always will be. I’d love to stay in this industry, but pull from things outside of it as well. Philanthropy is what truly matters to me, and the amazing thing is that I’ve been blessed with a platform where I can do just that.

Any plans to go to school?
School has always been in the plan for me; however I can’t say I know what God has planned for me. I’m blessed to be surrounded by siblings who have all gotten a wonderful education and I’ve been taught that education is the start to all powerful things. Since joining Former First Lady Michelle Obama in her effort to encourage those to take the next step in their education with the “Better Make Room” campaign, I am inspired now, more than ever, to keep going.

If you were in school now, what subjects do you think you’d be focusing on or what career path do you think you’d take?
I think about this often. My mind often gravitates towards the creative world. I would focus my time on marketing as I’ve always had a drive to go into creating a brand, be it in lifestyle or fashion. I love people, and I love connecting with people. Even if I wasn’t in this business my mind would still want to create.

You have a novel coming out called Losing Brave. What’s it about?
“Losing Brave” is a story centered on a girl named Payton whose sister went missing a year ago. It picks up on her life currently, and how she is handling it all. We see her begin to have an internal struggle of who she is, who she is supposed to be, and who she wants to be. Through this, she finds out that two other girls are missing as well. She now finds herself in a nightmare; one that she wants to solve and one that she wants to wake up from. 

Fans might be surprised that it’s a psychological thriller, what attracted you to that genre?
Stefne and I were attracted to the genre when we realized that psychological thrillers were becoming more and more popular in the adult space, but hadn’t been done for the young adult market yet.

Was writing a novel always a goal of yours?
Writing has always been a safe place and outlet for me. Writing comes in so many forms and I love all of them, from poems, to lyrics, to non fiction pieces, to blogging. Writing a novel is another form, and one I’m blessed to be trying out.

Who is your favourite YA author right now?
Rainbow Rowell is one. As well as, Heather Maclean! She just released “Toward a Secret Sky.”

How did you cope with the inevitable dreaded “writer’s block”?
By turning to my best friend and partner in crime, Stefne Miller. We had each other’s backs and Stefne taught me so much. I’m so thankful I have her by my side for this new chapter of my life!

Season 3 of the Good Witch is just about to get underway. How did you feel when you first stepped on set for Season 1, and what’s changed now?
I was so eager and excited to begin! Nerves definitely existed as I was the newbie to the Good Witch family. They had done seven movies so they all knew each other, and I was stepping in hoping I’d be accepted into the family. Of course, being a part of something with Hallmark Channel means it’s going to be a wonderful experience, and accepted I was and I’m so thankful to call these people my second family three years later!

What is it about the character of Grace Russell that you love?
I love her kind heart and her honesty, and how she always strives to be a good person. 

If you were to write a book using one of your Good Witch cast mates as the lead character, who would you choose and what would you write about?
I would choose Mayor Martha! She is the light of our show; it would be amazing to get to see her outside of her “mayor” phase. She is always so chipper and correct, it would be interesting to write about how she feels when all that is shredded away. Is she happy? Does she wish more people liked her? Does she really like being the Mayor? I would want to know!

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