Interview: Stephan James

From the interview archive. You recently won a Canadian Screen Award for your portrayal of Jesse Owens in Race – congratulations! What was your prep like for that with regards to training and diet? It was tough. When I found out I had gotten the role and was going to play Jesse, I knew immediately that I had my work cut out for me. I would train 3-4 times … Continue reading Interview: Stephan James

Interview: Mark Consuelos

From the interview archives. You’ll be joining Riverdale as Hiram Lodge who, up until this point, has been working through his prison sentence. Is it intimidating playing such a highly anticipated and important character that was talked about so much in Season 1 but never seen? Intimidating, no. Exciting, yes. Although you didn’t see Hiram, he was very much present in season one.  I have never had … Continue reading Interview: Mark Consuelos

Interview: Jordan Fisher

From the interview archive. He’s already won over hearts everywhere from his roles in The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Liv and Maddie, and most recently he shined as he made his Broadway debut as John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in Hamilton. VULKAN caught up with triple-threat actor Jordan Fisher to discuss how he got his start in acting and his future music … Continue reading Interview: Jordan Fisher

Interview: Alberto Rosende

From the interview archives. In Shadowhunters, you play Simon, a Daylighter who can withstand the heat of the sun. A pretty unique skill! If you yourself held that ability, what would you actually do with it? Is there a different ability you would prefer to have? Well, having the ability to walk in the sun as a vampire is more of a super power than … Continue reading Interview: Alberto Rosende

Interview: Jonathan Tucker

From the interview archives. Known for films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostage, and the Parenthood tv series, Boston born actor Jonathan Tucker boasts an impressive and eclectic resume. VULKAN recently caught up with Jonathan to talk about his recent work on Kingdom and American Gods, as well as his role on the upcoming Call of Duty release WWII. You voice & motion cap Pvt. … Continue reading Interview: Jonathan Tucker

Interview: Charlie DePew

From the interview archives. Charlie DePew began dazzling his family and friends with his storytelling when he was very young and tried his hands out at acting for the first time performing in a sixth grade school play. These days he works hard juggling acting, music, and he’s even a entrepreneur having started multiple business ventures. Have we mentioned he’s only 21? VULKAN caught up … Continue reading Interview: Charlie DePew

Interview: Neil Brown Jr.

From the interview archives. From Battle LA, Suits, Straight Outta Compton and Insecure, Neil Brown JR. has been in a wide variety of films and series, we can’t even choose a favourite. VULKAN caught up with Neil to talk about his upcoming role in LAbyrinth, his love of music, and what his preparation was like for the new series SEAL Team where he portrays a … Continue reading Interview: Neil Brown Jr.

Interview: Echo Kellum

From the interview archives. Echo Kellum amazes as Curtis Holt on the fan-favourite CW series Arrow which has just entered it’s seventh season. VULKAN had the opportunity to talk to Echo about how his experience on set has changed since becoming a series regular and what it was like filming in Nicaragua for his upcoming role in the film Village People. What can you tell … Continue reading Interview: Echo Kellum

Interview: Nathanial Potvin

From the interview archives. Best known for his role as Ryan Walker on Disney XD’s Mech-X4, actor Nathaniel Potvin is quickly making a name for himself in TV and film. VULKAN caught up with Nathaniel to talk about his role in the Netflix series Alexa & Katie and his future aspirations of directing.  You’ll be appearing in the new Netflix comedy Alexa & Katie as … Continue reading Interview: Nathanial Potvin