Jaimee Eat World

Jaimee Eat World is the exclusive Jimmy Eat World discography reimagined by Jaimee Jakobczak. Along with each cover is a blog piece explaining a bit about the recording process and why the song is important to us and as of April 2021, each cover is being livestreamed on our Instagram channel for a fully indepth look at our cover-reproduction recording process.

In addition, there is a mock-umentary that’ll follow the series to its completion.

This is a multi-media project aimed at showcasing how music both heals and provide insight to daily struggles and experiences using the bands original recordings as its foundation. I cite many of these songs and albums as the first stepping stone in realizing my struggle with alcohol addiction had overtaken my life and many of my greatest passions; incidentally they’re also a resource I turn to regularly in my ongoing sobriety.

I share this project publicly and freely in hopes that it might help others who may be going through similar experiences.

This is a not-for-profit project that is in no way otherwise affiliated with the band other than as described and any income generated from it will be donated to alcohol addiction & recovery services. If you or someone you know needs a place to start with your own recovery, please check out my Resources page.

Learn a little more about this in our Interview: A Shallow Dip with Jaimee Eat World

If you’re able and would like to help support Canadian mental health services, please consider a donation to CAMH through our ongoing Believe In What You Want Fundraiser.

I’m also actively looking to share and promote other artists own Jimmy Eat World covers in partnership with this project and will be putting together a compilation album of those covers for the end of the project. You can learn more about that at the above blog post, too.

If you’ve already done some Jimmy Eat World-related work, feel free to send me a nudge and a link to it and I’d be happy to cross-promote your work.

Cover Videos & Blogs

Covers are released every Friday (we’re trying) and livestreamed in the week leading up to.

Here are just some of what we’ve done so far:

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Read the blog breakdown for “Chachi” here

Introducing the new Jaimee Eat World podcast – Static Unveiled!

Listen now on Spotify & Anchor.