Interview: Stephan James

From the interview archive. You recently won a Canadian Screen Award for your portrayal of Jesse Owens in Race – congratulations! What was your prep like for that with regards to training and diet? It was tough. When I found out I had gotten the role and was going to play Jesse, I knew immediately that I had my work cut out for me. I would train 3-4 times … Continue reading Interview: Stephan James

Interview: Olivia O’Brien

From the interview archives. When you posted your gnash cover song, did you intend to gain his attention? Were you surprised when it did? I definitely thought it was possible he would see it but I never thought he would contact me and give me free tickets to the show, let alone be interested in working together.  When gnash reached out to you asking to … Continue reading Interview: Olivia O’Brien

Interview: Mark Consuelos

From the interview archives. You’ll be joining Riverdale as Hiram Lodge who, up until this point, has been working through his prison sentence. Is it intimidating playing such a highly anticipated and important character that was talked about so much in Season 1 but never seen? Intimidating, no. Exciting, yes. Although you didn’t see Hiram, he was very much present in season one.  I have never had … Continue reading Interview: Mark Consuelos

Interview: Bailee Madison

From the interview archives. While Season 3 of the Good Witch gets underway, the very charming Bailee Madison took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to VULKAN about the series, her leading role in A Cowgirl’s Story and her brand new young adult novel, Losing Brave. You star in A Cowgirl’s Story that was very recently released; can you tell us a … Continue reading Interview: Bailee Madison

Interview: Jordan Fisher

From the interview archive. He’s already won over hearts everywhere from his roles in The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Liv and Maddie, and most recently he shined as he made his Broadway debut as John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in Hamilton. VULKAN caught up with triple-threat actor Jordan Fisher to discuss how he got his start in acting and his future music … Continue reading Interview: Jordan Fisher

Interview: Efrat Dor

From the interview archives. VULKAN caught up with actress Efrat Dor to discuss her new film The Zookeeper’s Wife, a historical drama about Antonina and Jan Zabinski, a couple who bravely risked their lives to save hundreds of people and animals during the holocaust. We also asked her about learning to screen write and had her dish on the best things to do in her … Continue reading Interview: Efrat Dor

Interview: Jillian Rose Reed

From the interview archives. Elena of Avalor has already been renewed for a 3rd season; that’s exciting! How have you enjoyed the experience so far? It is such a fun job! Voicing a character on an animated show has always been a dream of mine. Not to mention, Elena is such a strong role model for young girls, so that’s a plus! Do you think … Continue reading Interview: Jillian Rose Reed

Interview: Alberto Rosende

From the interview archives. In Shadowhunters, you play Simon, a Daylighter who can withstand the heat of the sun. A pretty unique skill! If you yourself held that ability, what would you actually do with it? Is there a different ability you would prefer to have? Well, having the ability to walk in the sun as a vampire is more of a super power than … Continue reading Interview: Alberto Rosende

Interview: Lyrica Okano

From the interview archives. It’s been a busy year for Lyrica Okano who landed her first major role in the hit new Marvel Runaways series as the angst-filled Nico Minoru. The series has been green lit for a second eason and VULKAN caught up with Lyrica to talk about what we can expect from everyone’s favorite runaways and what other aspirations the young actress has … Continue reading Interview: Lyrica Okano