Death Bus For Blondie

A re-imagining of the Death Cab For Cutie catalogue because I wanted to do it and after I did, I wanted to share it, too.

Now live on Spotify, check out the brand new Death Bus For Blondie Variety Hour podcast!

About the podcast: The ONLY Death Cab For Cutie podcast of its kind. Join your host Death Bus For Blondie as she recreates DCFC’s original music with voracious punk rock infused tenacity. We’ll also examine the current and emerging social trends that have caused this level of misplaced frustration and apathy that led to the creation of this project – all in an hour or less!

The podcast should answer any and all questions you might have about this project over its term, however long that might be. But that said, if there’s something you do want addressed, fire it over to my e-mail or through my twitter page @crooked_forest

Check out the official Death Bus For Blondie playlist on my YouTube channel.

Featured covers:

Tiny Vessels
Company Calls