Jaimee Jakobczak (2021).

Welcome to crookedforest.ca!

This is the kooky spontaneous brainchild of Jaimee Jakobczak tackling social injustices & telling personal stories through song, writing, video and… well whatever I can get my hands on at the time and I think is the best medium to showcase it.

Everything you see on this website, unless otherwise noted as being a creation of another artist (like on The Treehouse) was developed by me.

In short, I’m a multi-instrumentalist, writer, and music producer and I’m very passionate about using creative mediums to express yourself.

You can read more in detail about what this whole website is (because it’s not just promoting my own music of course) in this handy blog post titled “Who and What Is Crooked Forest?

You can also read my lengthy mission statement over on the Mission page.

This project has changed a lot since I began it, so to bring you up to speed: as a musical artist I go by Neither Could Dylan and I’m working on my debut full-length album under this title, the website is Crooked Forest, and me as a human, I go by Jaimee Jakobczak.

I’ve released 5 EP’s, 1 full-length album and a slew of singles to date since beginning this project in February 2020.

I have a cover band project called Jaimee Eat World where I’m recreating Jimmy Eat World’s entire discography to bring awareness to mental health, addiction & recovery services. You can read a bit more about that on its page right here.

Oh, and I’m also Death Bus For Blondie… recreating my favourite Death Cab For Cutie songs for… reasons yet to be disclosed.

For a little more about my original music check out my EPK.

Jaimee Jakobczak (2020)