Welcome to crookedforest.ca!

Crooked Forest is a Canadian based music and creative-writing based website that exists to fill in gaps sometimes left by mainstream media outlets.

Our blog features current and emerging issues and everything we do aims to create strides for greater mental health awareness and resources globally.

Here you can find new music, poetry, short stories and other creative writing pieces.

Creatively, we focus primarily on indie and emerging artists in order to give them a greater chance at being seen and heard amidst the ever-growing talent pool.

We encourage new artists of all backgrounds to find their own creative outlets in order to better maintain their own mental health in what is becoming an increasingly challenging world to live in. To do this we offer DIY musician resources where anyone of all skill levels can learn how to begin their own music projects or tools in order to better position themselves in the global market.

Given the sometimes sensitive nature of the topics we address through or blogs and media, we recommend you take a moment to read through our resources page for a greater understanding of the type of content you might come across here.

If you’re interested in submitting your music or project for a featured blog, please check out our Submissions page.