Because there are a few things going on in tandem on this website, it’s best to think of CrookedForest.ca as a bookshelf and all the other pieces as its books. 

Crooked Forest’s Mission

To empower and encourage new voices to share their lives and experiences through creative mediums and offer a safe inclusive space for open communication about difficult issues. 

The Hope

By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and share our stories we are able to both free ourselves from the shame, guilt or grief we carry with us and learn from each other’s experiences so that we don’t repeat our mistakes. 

The Why 

Having lost friends and family to suicide and addiction, I often find myself wondering what ways I could’ve helped. For some, it’s already too late, but there are so many others that continue to struggle in their own lives. 

In my own upbringing there were simply some things you didn’t talk about because, well, not everyone wants to hear it. This led to a very confusing trend where I’d ultimately find myself feeling uncomfortable sharing my own thoughts and feelings even with those closest to me. I, like many of my own friends, turned to alcohol to cope until one day I just knew I needed to kick the habit because the path I felt I was continuing on wasn’t one that would end well. 

I didn’t have a great support system through this and I am absolutely not out of the woods yet, but turning my attention and energy into my passions like music and writing has made a dramatic difference in my ability to stay sober and head towards the life I hope to build for myself. 

I’m hoping that by sharing my life in these ways, it might encourage someone else to recognize the types of signs I spent so many years ignoring and pick up a guitar instead of a bottle.

I’d say pick up a piano instead but, like our burdens, they are heavy.