The Treehouse is what we call our central hub for spotlighting artists, their latest releases, and their message. Our aim here is to amplify voices that might otherwise get overlooked, under-heard or muffled, and left unappreciated.

We have a new Submissions process for 2023 so please read through thoroughly before submitting. There are two submission types we are currently accepting; General release blogs and Spotlight On interviews.

General Release Blog

This can be anything from a press release about your upcoming album/single/tour to a link to your new music video. It’s a general blog post highlighting your most relevant news.

Heads up, we’re based in Canada so it’s unlikely we’ll feature news about your South American tour but if you’re featuring a new single, we could still mention it.

Spotlight On Interview

Our Spotlight On: interview series began to fulfill a need we weren’t believing was being met.

As independent artist ourselves, we’re no stranger to submitting ourselves to music blogs for interviews to try and draw some attention to our projects. What we found was that most music interview sites for indie’s are not only really expensive to submit to but they all seem to use the same cookie-cutter 8-question interviews that are in no way tailored to each artist. It left us feeling unfulfilled and discouraged.

And so we began to do our own, highlighting unique artists who didn’t just have a new track to promote, but a message or ideology that they were trying to draw awareness to.

You can view our previous interviews for a sense of how we curate our own before submitting for a feature. At this time, these are written interviews conducted over e-mail.

The most important question:

What’s it cost?
Crooked Forest is committed to offering placement options for artists at every stage of their career. Submissions are free but please be advised this means they are not guaranteed for a feature. If you would like to guarantee a feature we do have options available.

You can now purchase your review or interview package through Fiverr at the below links.
Delivery turn around time is currently 7 days for reviews and 14 days for interviews and each package is $21.10CAD.

If you prefer to use Paypal or Interac E-Transfer, please let us know in the Additional Comments in the form field below.

Okay, I’m ready to submit!

If you’d like to be considered for a feature – and, heads up, it’s totally free – all you have to do is send me an e-mail using the contact form below with all the required information. The more time ahead of your release (if you’re showcasing something brand new) the better, but if you just pulled something out of your 20-year old archive, don’t shy away either.

Here’s What I Need
  1. Type of Submission (General or Interview)
  2. Artist Name
  3. Artist Bio
  4. Track Submission URL (No timed links, please. I almost definitely won’t get to them before the URL expires).
  5. Release Date
  6. Your Social Media Links
  7. A link to a high-res image of your band or a logo (1200 x 675px preferred but any high quality image will work).

That’s it! Okay, so now what?

Send it!

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