Website Update [December 15th 2022]:

When I first put this Resources page together it encompassed two categories: Mental Health Resources for those who are either interested in learning more about some of the topics that I frequently discuss on this website through my music and blog posts, and a list of the equipment and programs I use in order to bring all my own ideas and creative projects to fruition. 

My hope when I began was that Crooked Forest (the website) be a useful one-stop-library promoting positive mental health and coping mechanisms as well as a bit of a DIY Indie Musicians Toolkit for those who aren’t sure where to start. 

In both these areas sometimes the overwhelming level of information is enough to pull you away from it, so I try to keep this as simple and concise as possible and focus on tools and avenues I personally use or have some sort of knowledge in.

That said, the content of both of these categories has grown quite substantially since this website went live, so it seemed time to  revamp this page and make it a little easier to navigate. 

So now you can easily jump to either topic through the links and images below.