Believe In What You Want Fundraiser

I have created a fundraiser in support of CAMH: the Center for Addiction and Mental Health based in Toronto, Ontario Canada titled “Believe In What You Want” that kicks off officially on Sunday March 13th, 2022 (that’s this weekend!).

This fundraiser will run conjointly with the release of the Jaimee Eat World discography with our target completion date for the fundraiser being March 13th, 2024.

To donate to the fundraiser please visit the official fundraising page by clicking the button below this text.

In giving my best effort to hit my personal target of $5000CAD for CAMH, not only will any and all proceeds from the Jaimee Eat World project be pushed into this fund, but everything from all my other current projects, too, including: Jaimee Jakobczak, Death Bus for Blondie, Neither Could Dylan, Passing Harsher, Throughfare and whatever other wacky projects I find myself contributing to and having some say over where the proceeds go.

In supporting my projects, you’re supporting Canadian mental health and I very much appreciate it.

A brief blurb about the Jaimee Eat World project:

In 2021 I started a project called Jaimee Eat World where I self-produce, perform, record, and mix my reimagination of the entire Jimmy Eat World discography. I came up with the idea after deciding to get sober from alcohol in March 2020, and I very much cite the music of this band and many of my other favourite songwriters as a large part of the reason I was able to come to terms with my own addiction and make the first real steps towards kicking the habit.

I believe that with the right support system and some form of creative outlet or passion, every single person struggling with mental health and addiction can overcome it, and that’s what this entire project is all about.

How you can get involved:

You can create your own Jimmy Eat World cover song (alone or with a group!) and promote it using the hashtag #BelieveInWhatYouWant on social media. You can also send it in to me via e-mail for consideration on the official Jaimee Eat World & Friends Compilation Album (Official title TBD) to be released as I get closer to completing the catalogue.

You can also send me a message and join me for an episode of the Static Unveiled podcast. While episodes for Season 1 are already spoken for, we’ll continue the podcast along with the project, so there’ll be ample opportunity to get involved in the coming years.

Alternatively, you can just follow my pages on Twitter, Instagram, and the CF blog and promote those to your friends and families!

Every bit of awareness helps the project and I very much appreciate your support.