From The Vault circa 2006. Go ahead and send a hurricaneThrough what remains of meCan’t begin to overwhelmEverything clouded by debrisHammer down the picket fenceIt won’t make it through the nightThese bomb shelters can’t protectWhat we never let inside Steady nowStabilizeOn the groundTil it subsidesHold your focusSmile wideSuch a pretty girlSuch captivating eyes At the very least a devastating shock waveTo blow the roof right … Continue reading Shelter

True North

Hold a compassFind true northWispy clouds dull the starsWith only moonlight left to guideA gusty wind beckons the tide Invent constellationsYou and me inside,Dance and dineOur stories the lights that shineOur voices waves that mold the mountainsideThat carve the shelterFor the shipwrecked strangerGrown tired from pulling sails and dead anchor’s His tattered clothesThe ones she’d sewnA fond farewellFrom the golden coast Continue reading True North

Crooked Forest Interview: Bridge Magazine

I have a brand new interview up with the fine folks at Bridge Magazine. Check it out below! Afterwards, if you missed it, I recently released a brand new track called “Blister” which you can only stream here on my website. You can check that out over here: And Wayback Wednesday has made a triumphant return today with our first cover song selection of 2022 … Continue reading Crooked Forest Interview: Bridge Magazine

The Side Barre: On Lessons Learned From My First PR/Management Agency

This is Season 1 Episode 5 of the The Side Barre podcast, developed through Anchor and streamed on Spotify. Listen now on Spotify and read on to follow the transcript. On today’s Side Barre I’m going to share a little about working with my first PR & Management company, but before we get underway, since it is the start of a brand new year I also want to share some … Continue reading The Side Barre: On Lessons Learned From My First PR/Management Agency

Crooked Forest Release: Blister

Today I’m pretty stoked to share with you all the first release exclusive to – Blister. Press play to list to it now! Lyrics I open my mouth and my teeth turn on my tongueand now I’m bleeding straight from my gumsIt’s a war of words and I‘m losingHave we begun? Keep those lips pressed, I’ll be the foolBecause If I’ve lost you already,I’ve … Continue reading Crooked Forest Release: Blister

Happy New Years & Here Are Our Resolutions

Happy New Year & welcome to 2022! Today we begin bridging the gaps between our 3 projects and we’ve opted to do so by unveiling some eye-catching new graphics across our instagram channels. Over on the Jaimee Eat World instagram page, you’ll find: Over on the Crooked Forest band instagram page, you’ll find: And last but certainly not least, over on the Jaimee Jakobczak instagram … Continue reading Happy New Years & Here Are Our Resolutions

2021 Indie Music Round-Up: The Best Of’s List

While I could absolutely fill this blog with all sorts of hilarious, witty descriptors of the music I’m about to relay to you that were sent to me from a wide variety of artists over Twitter recently, you might lack the sensibility to find me funny, leading you to not checking out these great singles and albums, so I’m gonna skip the jokes and get … Continue reading 2021 Indie Music Round-Up: The Best Of’s List

Crooked Forest’s Year in Review: 2021 Edition

I know everyone’s saying it, but it really is hard to fathom that it’s already December 30th 2021. The last two years have been bizarre, eye-opening, gut-wrenching and confusing to say the least but, we’re here and that’s cause for some sort of celebrating. I’ve maintained for years that I’m against the idea of penning New Year’s resolutions in any sort of traditional sense. Somewhere … Continue reading Crooked Forest’s Year in Review: 2021 Edition


Man this guy must think I’m so stupidHe lies without second thoughtsIt’s the only thing about him that’s consistentOther than how often he’s wrong Doesn’t get why she’s so tiredWorking multiple jobsThe bills come out of her accountHe buys Pilsner and PBR Lights go downPour it outA puppet showFor an eager crowdAround it spinsAn interactive gameOne foot outNo escape She loves convenient truthsCan’t fail what … Continue reading Puppets