Neither Could Dylan Release: Happy

I’m super stoked to officially release the acoustic version of “Happy” today which is all the very first official Neither Could Dylan release.

I spoke about this briefly in previous posts, but if you’re not caught up, before I ever embarked on the strange windy dirt roads of Crooked Forest, I was unofficially putting all my new songwriting into a folder I called “Neither Could Dylan”.

Back then, I thought it might be a great band name for when I was ready to unveil tracks to the world, but somewhere along the way while still trying to find my footing I began releasing everything as demos under the Crooked Forest umbrella instead.

The problem I later stumbled upon with that is, while Crooked Forest actually was a great name for me, bridging my Polish ancestry to my new music project and serving as a great way to introduce myself, the name was actually already in use by a singer-songwriter out of Michigan and beyond that, over the course of the last two years its meaning seemed to become a little lost on me and wasn’t reinforcing the thoughts and feelings that drove the songs I was putting out in the way I wanted it to.

I decided it was better fitting to become the digital meeting place of all my projects instead of pushing ahead with it as a band on any sort of official capacity.

Comparatively, my initial thought process behind the Neither Could Dylan moniker rang louder the more I continued to write and release music. (You can read a little more about this on my Reintroducing Neither Could Dylan blog post).

And so here we are, officially taking the first crawl towards accomplishing the goals I set out for myself back in early 2020.

Neither Could Dylan: May 2022 outside the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.
Artwork by Birdo.

At the risk of diving too deep into the backstory of this new song called “Happy”, today I’d just like to share with you this acoustic cut I’ve recorded here in my bedroom in Vaughan, Ontario and allow you to attribute whatever meaning you take from it.

Here’s “Happy”.

Neither Could Dylan – Happy (Acoustic)

I followed the same production style I developed for the Jestem Krzywym Lasem demo EP here and the intention of course is to turn this into a full-band studio recording when the time is ready for it.

It will likely be a little while before this album is completed as I’m looking to source a full band to assist in the tracking of the release and to take the recording sessions finally out of my bedroom and into a more appropriate studio space.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy “Happy”. Let me know what you think & if you dig it, please share it around with your friends!

Thanks for listening and see ya soon.

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