Interview: QUIÑ

From the interview archive.

Your first aspiration was to become a backup singer. At what point did it become clear that you belonged in the spotlight?

I had no clue what I wanted to do ever, mostly because my dad gave me a lot of pressure about “what I wanted to be when I grew up,” so my rebel stage was very much “I don’t know and I don’t care, so don’t ask”. When I got into high school choir, I was like, “oh, I can sing and get paid without the attention on me, cool but everything was very “whatever.” to me. I went to college for Psychology because I thought I was supposed to. I then took a break to move to the bay and within that process of deleting all my distractions, I was able to make room for my spirit to really speak to me and that’s when I learned what my job was here.  

How did you manage your stress and anxiety about performing? I read that you had a bit of a phobia of attention while growing up.

I just made a bet with myself that when it came to singing, if I was ever put on the spot and someone asked me to share my things, I’d just say yes instead of no. I changed my whole mind until I didn’t hate it anymore because I understood the bigger picture. 

What is the first song you remember hearing that ignited your passion for music?

Celine Dion’s whole Falling Into You album. 

How do you think your upbringing in L.A has inspired your sound?

I’m not sure I’ve been in my mind this whole time. I think my sound is just my sound. 

What do you think is the toughest part of breaking into the music industry today and what are you doing to help yourself find your place?

I just make things that I like and watch where they take me. I think the toughest thing for people is just being themselves, but it’s so much easier that way. 

What in your opinion is the most soothing instrument to hear?

I think for me it’s the flute, and rain sticks. 

What is the most useful thing you learned while on tour with JMSN?

I got to learn about each city’s different flavors. 

What venue do you most want to perform at and who in an ideal world would you co-headline that show with?

Heaven, with Prince

Who/what inspires your sense of style?

Me and all my moods. 

What’s the most important thing for you to have with you on tour?

A cape to match

What producer right now do you think is absolutely killing it?

Krysshun and Chuck Inglish 

What was your process like for the “Dreamgirl” EP? Are you the kind of artist that enters the studio with a blank canvas or do you come in with a plan?

It all depends. With DREAMGIRL, I just made songs to make them. Then I started seeing there was a story in front of me, and began putting it all together.

What to you will be the defining moment of your career where you feel you have “made it” – or do you already feel that way now?

When the world has access to my work and they’re spreading that light around for me, then I made it to a good place. Then I just got to keep that flow. 

What method do you use to discover new artists? YouTube? Soundcloud? Word of mouth? And on that note, who do you think we should check out today?

Mostly word of mouth. I listen to Soulection because they know whats up.

What message do you hope to convey to the world with your platform as it continues to grow?

That learning to love yourself opens the doors to all of your wildest dreams. 

If you weren’t singing, what do you think you’d be doing?

Criminal psychologist, or preschool teacher, but really nothing.

How do you spend your off time these days?

With the people I love doing simple stuff like eating yummy food and being outside.  

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