Interview: Mark Jackson

From the interview archives. English actor Mark Jackson has been seen in series like That Peter Kay Thing and The Royal Today, and this fall you can catch him as Isaac in the highly anticipated sci-fi series The Orville. VULKAN had the opportunity to chat with Mark about his experiences on set and what we can expect when the series premiers on Fox on September … Continue reading Interview: Mark Jackson

Interview: Tom York

From the interview archives. Known for his portrayal of Hero in Olympus, British actor Tom York has been thrust back into living rooms everywhere having joined the cast of Poldark. VULKAN reached out to Tom to get a little insight on the his new role as Sam Carne and how his character might affect the series going forward.  How did you feel when you landed … Continue reading Interview: Tom York

Interview: Reid Scott

From the interview archives. Reid Scott is best known for his role as the confident, fast talking, hot headed Dan Egan on HBO’s Veep, and coming up he’ll be appearing alongside Reese Witherspoon in the romantic comedy Home Again. VULKAN chatted with Reid about his role in the film, what advice he has for young talent signing their first contract, and the changes that Dan … Continue reading Interview: Reid Scott

Interview: Garrett Clayton

From the interview archives. Michigan native Garrett Clayton has been seen in productions like Hairspray Live!, Teen Beach Movie and perhaps most notably in his recurring role on The Fosters as Chase. VULKAN caught up with Garrett to talk adapting to abnormal filming schedules, alien encounters, and how he manages having such an extensive social media following. You can see Garrett in his upcoming horror … Continue reading Interview: Garrett Clayton

Interview: Shawn Hatosy

From the interview archives. Shawn Hatosy found himself a cult following as Office Sammy Bryant on the critically acclaimed Southland and since then he has continued to catch the attention of critics and fans alike. VULKAN picked his brain about what we an expect from the crafty Pope as Animal Kingdom picks up the story of the Cody family in Season 2 and what kind … Continue reading Interview: Shawn Hatosy

Interview: RJ Mitte

From the interview archives. For fans of Breaking Bad, RJ Mitte needs no introduction. He graced our TV screens for 7 seasons as the endearing Flynn White and we’ve been captivated by him ever since. VULKAN caught up with RJ to talk about his experience on the show, working on The Recall and his upcoming appearance in Adi Shankar’s Gods and Secrets and his new … Continue reading Interview: RJ Mitte

Interview: Torrance Coombs

From the interview archive. Vancouver actor Torrance Coombs is perhaps most well known for his role in The Tudors and more recently Reign. VULKAN caught up with Torrance to talk about his departure from Reign and joining the cast of The Originals for its final season, as well as his upcoming film Drawing Home.   It was a bummer to hear you were leaving Reign, would … Continue reading Interview: Torrance Coombs

Interview: Travis Mills

From the interview archives. American hip hop artist Travis Mills began writing music when he was 17 and it wasn’t long before he landed his first recording contract. VULKAN caught up with Travis to talk about his new music and how his career took a surprising turn to runway modeling and acting.  You seem to be influenced by a pretty eclectic mix of artists. Have … Continue reading Interview: Travis Mills

Interview: Guy Burnet

From the interview archives. English actor Guy Burnet is known for series like Ray Donovan, Chicago Fire and more recently, Hand of God. VULKAN caught up with Guy to discuss his role in Counterpart, what he thinks about parallel dimensions, joining the cast of Pitch Perfect and working again with Ron Pearlman on his upcoming film Asher. Counterpart has a really interesting premise. Are you … Continue reading Interview: Guy Burnet