Interview: Jonathan Tucker

From the interview archives.

Known for films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostage, and the Parenthood tv series, Boston born actor Jonathan Tucker boasts an impressive and eclectic resume. VULKAN recently caught up with Jonathan to talk about his recent work on Kingdom and American Gods, as well as his role on the upcoming Call of Duty release WWII.

You voice & motion cap Pvt. ROBERT ZUSSMAN in the upcoming Call of Duty release “WWII”, how was it different getting in character and preparing for a video game role compared to working on a live action set?
The process for creating an authentic character remains the same across mediums.  I was surprised at how much backstory the writers on Call of Duty offered — more than any other project of which I’ve been apart.

Are you a big gamer? Had you always wanted to voice a video game character?
I was always a fan of the classics, across platforms, like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.  I loved Goldeneye 007 on N64.  Joining a Call of Duty game has been a goal for years.

Kingdom has been so well received, in particular, your character Jay Kulina is often talked about, you can never quite know what to expect from him. What’s your favourite part about playing this character?
The way in which Jay can reconcile so many contradictory parts of himself. He’s both wickedly focused and completely off the rails. Loyal to a fault and unpredictable beyond measure.

Is it difficult to keep up with your diet and exercise regime, or is it second nature at this point?
You surrender the body to the mind and understand it’s a game of mental grit.

Is there any particular food that you include regularly in your diet for performance but really don’t enjoy eating? 
The question is how often can I sneak in pizza.

Do you keep up a lot with current MMA fighters? Who do you watch, and do you try to model your Jay’s fighting style after anyone in particular these days?
I have become an avid fan and an ardent supporter of MMA.  I stole as much as I could from the world as means of honoring the culture by reflecting it voraciously.

Do you prefer team sports or independent activities?
Both have so much to offer as guides to being your best self.

What advice would you give someone currently struggling in the gym right now?
Read Tim Gallwey’s “The Inner Game of Tennis.”

When you’re not working on your physique or prepping for a role, how do you relax and clear your mind?
I read a lot of books from the History section of your local bookstore.  

Season 3 of Kingdom will be the final one, what will you miss most about the show and its cast? 
The pride the crew took in making our show — everyone’s sense of ownership.  That’s a rarity.

You also are involved with the series American Gods. I understand you actually got to film in an active prison. Was that intimidating at all?  No, it added to the authenticity of our work.  

What can we expect from your character Low Key in Season 2? How “key” will he be to the storyline?  Ya never know; gods work in mysterious ways.

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