Interview: Lyrica Okano

From the interview archives.

It’s been a busy year for Lyrica Okano who landed her first major role in the hit new Marvel Runaways series as the angst-filled Nico Minoru. The series has been green lit for a second eason and VULKAN caught up with Lyrica to talk about what we can expect from everyone’s favorite runaways and what other aspirations the young actress has for herself going forward.

How would you describe Nico Minoru to those that haven’t caught Runaways yet?

Nico Minoru is a budding Wiccan, who is basically the embodiment of teenage angst. She’s a really tough, intelligent and fiercely independent individual. After a horrible tragedy in the family, she’s learned to isolate herself from her friends and family by carefully crafting her goth appearance. She’s a lot of fun to play.

Could you yourself ever imagine being a runaway? What do you think would be the most challenging aspect of that situation for you? 

Running away right now would be pretty awful for me! I crave stability these days. Even if I were still a teenager I don’t think I could be a runway… I get along with my parent’s way too well to do that.

Where do you think you would go and what would be your method of travel?

I think I’d probably just run to my best friend’s house and lay low for a bit. Just enough time for me to gather my thoughts and run back home to mom and dad. I’d probably also take the subway and end up getting caught there somehow, too. See? I’d be a horrible runaway. Nico would not be proud.

How has your relationship with your fellow Runaways stars changed since you first met?

When I first met the other Runaways cast, I immediately knew we would all get along well and we did. We started out as six total strangers who were really excited and terrified to take on this big opportunity. Now, I see them all as my family, and I couldn’t imagine working on this show with anyone else. They’re all of my closest friends, and I love them to pieces… ahhh. So cheesy! Sorry!

What is one quality of Nico’s that you’d like to embrace more in your own life?

I wish I had more of Nico’s backbone and courage. She really knows how to stand her ground and I respect her for that. 

If Nico split from the Runaways group with just one other, who do you think would be the best person for her to partner up with and why?

Ahhh a tricky question… Nico has this strong connection with Alex and feels that he understands her like no one else… but then again, there is Karolina who she also has this great fondness for… ugh, can’t choose!

It must have been awesome to hear that Season 2 would be more episodes than Season 1. What can you tell us about what the Runaways will tackle coming up?

Oh man! That was even greater news than expected! I mean, I honestly don’t know anything about Season 2 yet. Amongst the cast, we text each other on our group chat all the time with new theories… but that’s all the info I got for you about the next season.

Fans love to see your photoshoots – how would you describe your sense of style?

I’d say my sense of style could be best described as “couch potato chic. 

Is modeling and fashion something you could see yourself pursuing further? 

I think doing photo shoots are fun, but I’m not sure if I have any real talent for modeling haha! I went to my first fashion week about a week ago, and it was such an eye opening experience. I clearly had no idea about the fashion world, so I probably should do more research before I try and pursue this.

You were a rhythmic gymnast as well prior to this role, is that something you still participate in?

Unfortunately, I don’t really do rhythmic gymnastics anymore. I wish it could be that kind of a sport where you can just do it recreationally, but it takes a lot of training and hard work… but I can still do some of the basics 🙂

What Olympic events are you keeping tabs on this year? Do you follow any particular athlete’s that you’d like to see take home Gold?

Ice dance. I love me some Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir! Definitely my fave to watch.

What else do you have on the go for 2018 that we should keep an eye on? 

For 2018, I have HUGE plans to rearrange the furniture in my room and to have a cat by the end of the year! But also, watch out for Season Two of Marvel’s Runaways.

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