Stigmata Kiss/Ghost Mile Split Release

Wow, so this is embarrassing.

Sometime last year I was invited to collaborate on some songs and then a little while after that Dark Entry Records decided to put those songs out as part of a split EP. The result is this Stigmata Kiss/Ghost Mile EP available only on Bandcamp.

I contributed vocals/lyrics for Ghost Mile. When I was first handed the tracks, the appeal was that they said they were sort of in the vein of The Postal Service – and if you’ve been following along by now you know that I’m pretty far into my Canada Post Project where I’m recreating TPS’ Give Up record.

Read the official lyrics right here on the blog.

Only the Planets Know

A Letter

It’s sorta showgazey/electronic/indie so it’s a wee bit different than anything else I’ve worked on previously which was part of the appeal of these tracks for me. My favourite tracks are Stigmata Kiss’ Such A Pretty Face and of my own, A Letter, although I think lyrically I’m more fond of OtPK.

Okay thanks very much! I’m going to go make a to-do list or something (lol not actually) so that I don’t fall so wildly behind on stuff again.

Check out all my Canada Post tracks on the CF YouTube page!

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