We wanna dance with Brian Charles Tischleder’s “Paul and Babe”

It’s like being waved onto a gameshow and an all-American dance-off at the same time.

Bringing flare and fire straight out of the gate, “Paul and Babe” by Minneapolis based singer-songwriter Brian Charles Tischleder is one of those rare tracks that you know is bound to get you swingin’ and shakin’ from the moment the snare rolls on and the keys step up to say, “welcome to the party”. Not only does it absolutely succeed in that, it doesn’t slow down for a second after that, carrying insatiable energy and continual bounce for the duration of the track. 

Bringing the rhythm and blues of pioneer artists like Elvis Presley and Muddy Waters and the melodic sensibility of Buddy Holly, Tischleder seamlessly merges these iconic styles with that of later icons like Bruce Springsteen, almost casually led by the disciplined Chicago-blues horns sections that jump in and out of the pulse of the drums. While the rhythm section is no doubt doing the heavy lifting on this track, it’s the combination of the exhilarating keys and brass that guide you into the soul of this production and keep you hungry for more.

It’s exciting; It’s alluring; It’s a complete bite-size entertainment experience packed in under 3-minutes just begging for you to check out the rest of the “Mississippi Call” record it comes from.

Keep up with Brian Charles Tischleder by checking out their website and social media channels.

Website: https://briancharlestischleder.com

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