Death Bus for Blondie Variety Hour: S2 E4 – Underneath the Sycamore

As of today Spotify has arbitrarily decided that it doesn’t like your podcast to include music within the “talk” portion of your podcast, and because I cannot be assed to separate my files to appease this almighty AI-based overlord, the podcast will simply no longer be streaming on Spotify. On today’s episode we continue the conversation from last week circling briefly back to update you … Continue reading Death Bus for Blondie Variety Hour: S2 E4 – Underneath the Sycamore

Stigmata Kiss/Ghost Mile Split Release

Wow, so this is embarrassing. Sometime last year I was invited to collaborate on some songs and then a little while after that Dark Entry Records decided to put those songs out as part of a split EP. The result is this Stigmata Kiss/Ghost Mile EP available only on Bandcamp. I contributed vocals/lyrics for Ghost Mile. When I was first handed the tracks, the appeal … Continue reading Stigmata Kiss/Ghost Mile Split Release

Happy “Acceptance” Day!

The debut album by Neither Could Dylan is officially out everywhere you stream tunes. Jump to the HearNow page to find it on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora or Deezer or preview the tracks. Listen on Spotify & tell your friends! If you use Bandcamp, today’s the best day to support with a purchase and you can do that right here. Finally, save a … Continue reading Happy “Acceptance” Day!

Spotlight On: Päter

This week I’m pleased to introduce you to upcoming singer-songwriter Päter who just recently released their latest single “Obstinate Brain,” which best described as indie pop/rock drama given their unique theatric delivery. While Päter is not new to songwriting having begun writing as a kid, they were inspired to take on a 30-day songwriting challenge when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and began sharing new original … Continue reading Spotlight On: Päter