Let’s Not

Let’s not pretend it’s more than it is
Or that it was greater forces by which we were led
Let’s not
, let’s not

Please don’t talk about me to your friends
Reallocating whatever thread you’ve got left

I won’t admit how far it went
To save you, I’m sure, further embarrassment
I won’t, you know I won’t

Don’t twist my words to suit your needs
However eloquently they falter out as you breathe
Or turn your phrase in such a way
It leaves me crumbling underneath
An abandoned building open in its decay
A demolition would’ve been more humane
Than whatever drawn out disguised folk tale
You scribbled down and leather-bound
Pressed to make the pages stale
Just to write me out

Try not to mention me in any tense
Neither past nor present made any sense
Should there a future unbeknownst to me

Keep it blind
Let it be
Set me free

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