Let’s Not

Let’s not pretend it’s more than it isOr that it was greater forces by which we were ledLet’s not, let’s not Please don’t talk about me to your friendsReallocating whatever thread you’ve got leftPlease,Don’t I won’t admit how far it wentTo save you, I’m sure, further embarrassmentI won’t, you know I won’t Don’t twist my words to suit your needsHowever eloquently they falter out as … Continue reading Let’s Not


So I’m not who you thoughtOr maybe I wasIn either instanceIt seemsUnworthy of love At surface it’s nothingMerely a crushBut you been here beforeMe?Not even once I know not what you speakWhen you say a little’s enoughEver demandingMore than I’ve got I speak of ill-fated timeWithin the fabric of usAs though I must’ve been rightAnd that it came down to trustBut these roads that I … Continue reading Through

Wishing Well

Echoing through the cavernsLike hieroglyphics etched into the wellsThrough the crevices that led me inAnd shut me outJust as quick A single drip of waterFrom each direction that it fellBlotched caricatures of a manSignalling smoke out for help Down comes another quarterIt’s wallet forever out of reachSmacking against the concreteIt spins a few feet in front of meUntil I see The reflection of the sunlightOffering … Continue reading Wishing Well


From the streetBuried disillusionCan’t competeLess than uselessStill I seeNothing moving, No restitutionA one-sided outdated constitution Written over unmarked graves No need to explain anythingReinvent reasons for choices madeIf you just pretend, it’s okay They say to let things fall where they mayThey say there’s a plan for things being this wayFor the greater good, they boldly proclaimHanging the hoods used to conceal their face Rested on concreteFace … Continue reading Constitution


From the vault, date unknown, sometime 2005-2006. They look like a manic Scribbled words at       r      a    n     d     o     m  on blank paper,  no  structure, s Catte red  all. over. Something out of a ransom It’s like I drank ink and spit it, a dark blotchy messBut those words on that page are me at my best Continue reading Manic