New Music Release: Passing Harsher

I don’t often have new music out on Bandcamp Friday, but when I do, it’s pretty special.

Earlier this year I collaborated with K.M North from Pennsylvania on what became this 8-track self-titled album distributed by Poison Arrow Records – Passing Harsher.

The songs were already arranged and recorded by the time they made their way to me for lyrics and vocals which meant they made for an interesting songwriting challenge that I’d never attempted before. This is actually a complete contrast to how I normally write, often completing the lyrics and melodies in full before ever setting a chord to the song. But I really dug the tracks and so I hit the ground running.

Most of the songs I wrote within 2 days. I tracked the vocals over a period of 3 days that same week I receieved the tracks. I was a little worried that I penned them all out too quiickly at first but opted not to let myself overthink it, tracked a few layers and alternate options so K.M could have some wiggle room in the mix and fired them off about as quickly as I’d receieved them.

I was pretty stoked when I got the mixes back. I hadn’t really dived into this style of music before and the arrangments were really unique to my own habits. It’s some of my favourite writing I’ve done so far as I really hope you enjoy them!

You can stream the record on Bandcamp exclusively and a very limited run of 20 cassette tapes were made. Really appreciate you checking them out and, if you dig it, please share it with your friends!

For fans of: The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, Black Flag, Crimpshrine

If you’re wondering what inspired the lyrics, I’ll be embarking on yet another one of my track by track breakdown blogs for this album.

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Special thanks to Poison Arrow Records and K.M North for allowing me to be a part of this.

Read the Blog Breakdowns!

Track 1: Too Late
Track 2: Stranded
Track 3: All That Remains
Track 4: Anything To Say
Track 5: What I’ve Been Doing
Track 6: Space
Track 7: No Getting Back
Track 8: Where I’m Going

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