New Music Release: Stun – “Lifestylez of the Fresh & Indigenous”

Released today Friday September 2nd, 2022, check out the latest record from Indigenous Canadian hip-hop artist Stun, “Lifestylez of the Fresh & Indigenous,” and their latest single “Highz & Lowz”.

Listen to Lifestylez of the Fresh & Indigenous now!

On The Record: “I wanted to create something more different than what I had previously created. I was a little skeptical on whether or not I should incorporate my native tongue into the lyrics, but then I thought, ‘Well, I have indigenous youth that listen to my music, and for them to feel like, ‘Hey, this guy is just like me,’ – it would definitely turn tables for that deep connection, to be inspired. I ended up making the decision of actually keeping it a lot more simple and less complicated.” – Stun.

Stun – Highz & Lowz (Official Music Video)
Stun – “Indigenous” (Official Music Video)

For more about Stun, check out their website

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