Passing Harsher Blog Breakdown: Space

This post is part of the ongoing blog breakdown series where I dive into the official lyrics, stories and thoughts that inspired the lyrics for the recently released Passing Harsher album. If you haven’t yet, give the record a spin on bandcamp and jump back to the first blog on this record by clicking this handy link.

Today we’re talking about track 6 on the record: Space.

Listen to the album in full on bandcamp!

Stream “Space” and then read on for the official lyrics and my blog breakdown.

Space (Official Lyrics)

It’s late
I’m watching the wick fade
If I’ve said nothing
I’ve said all there is to say

By the look on your face
What’s left of me
Is yours to take
If that’s nothing
Say it straight

When you said that you needed space
I guess I thought that we were on the same page
You closed the curtain before I left the stage
Tell me what can I do to make you stay

Strung along this masquerade
I can’t make sense of what you don’t explain
Tell me if it can’t be saved
Why we’re standing here today

“Space” lands us at the tail end of a heavy conversation at the end of a long night where you’re so worn down you can hardly manage to look at the person you’re speaking to anymore, so you stare at the dying candle on the table instead.

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely one of those people that gets fixated to things like that when I’m deep in thought.

“Space” finds us feeling down and out after trying out hardest to explain our side of the disagreement but feeling like the situation is now hopeless. If you’re even been broken up with then you know exactly what this type of rejection feels like.

Because conversations of letting go of a friendship or romantic relationship can be so difficult, a lot of people tend to try to water it down with things like, “maybe we just need to take a break, get some space, clear our heads,” when you probably already know that the feelings you started with are long lost. It makes it that much more challenging to find any sort of closure for both parties and, in this case, a scramble to repair whatever might still be left because your partner/friend hasn’t been clear enough or up front enough about where they stand with you.

They selfishly do this for their own protection; It sucks to make people feel bad, even when you’re mad at them or believe yourself to be in the right.

In the chorus we reiterate that it feels like you haven’t had enough time to properly explain your side and maybe if they’d just give you that time (leave that curtain open), then things would work out.

But the show’s already over for them, not yet for you.

In our final verse we reinforce those frustrating feelings of being strung along because your partner can’t just say, “listen, I’m done,” and mean it. Or maybe they have, but you can’t accept it yet.

In a situation like the one described in “Space,” there is no winning – it sucks across the board.

Then the candle goes out.

So what now?

We’ll find out next time on the blog with Track 7: No Getting Back

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