“Hear You Me” Cover Song Series

I’m a little late getting around to this blog post, but in my defence I sort of hate talking about this one.

I did a 3-part YouTube series on my acoustic cover of “Hear You Me” by Jimmy Eat World back on July 9th 2021; I live-tweeted this event, much like I live-tweeted today’s “Tiny Vessels” – Death Cab For Cutie 3-Part cover song series.

This is something I’ll probably keep doing, although the frequency in which I do it will probably change depending on what else I’m working on.

I went ahead and pulled the screenshots from this Tweet-Fest for you which I’ll post within this blog.

Since I run and maintain all of my social media channels myself, I try to use them all a little differently.

And since we’re still new and introducing ourselves, I probably explain and re-explain this stuff more than I need to, but I’m going off the assumption that nobody is really paying attention yet, so it’s important that I try to explain why I use all these different channels and why, if you like what I do, you should follow them all, or pinpoint the ones you prefer the content of in order to stay updated on my music and writing.

We’re start today the same way I started the Tweet-Show; with Jimmy Eat World‘s original studio recording of “Hear You Me”.

“Hear You Me” – Jimmy Eat World, off of “Bleed American”.

It’s probably important to mention it again, but I am in no way affiliated with this band or their music, but they have been an integral part of my upbringing so they surface quite a bit in the posts. I suspect, in time, as I work through these stories, that’ll diminish, os if you’re getting sick of hearing about them (especially you non-fans), please still come back.

Here are the screenshots of the tweets, with the accompanying YouTube video series as they surface within them.

Disclaimer: some of these videos may be difficult for some to watch, because I am an emotional twit when I perform this song specifically.

The Tweets via @Crooked_Forest

I talk a bit about this whole, meeting Jim & Tom thing, in another post titled: Interview: A Shallow Dip with Jaimee Eat World which is also about my semi-related to Crooked Forest project, the exclusive complete Jimmy Eat World discography as performed by Jaimee Eat World (that’s also me).

My friend Robert was smart as hell; way smarter than me, and he, as you can probably guess, cared about things like Politics which most people at that age don’t at all. We shared that in common.

You can listen to “Enough” on Spotify or on my Bandcamp page. This was my attempt at a sort of “skate-punk” style song while I was working through the “A Quiet Place To Scream” B-Sides in 2020. It’s also a lil reminiscent of “Dammit” by Blink 182; semi-intentional.

I talked recently about my friend Mark Salvatore as well. You can read that one here: House #24: Mark Salvatore.

And now seems as good a place as any to share Part 1 in this cover song series:

I’d like to say it gets easier to more I play it, but, it hasn’t yet.

Sometimes I think I’m funny; I tweet the weirdest stuff at Jim Adkins, you guys have no idea. That’s a Simpsons reference.

Attempt 2. Still not quite there.

I chose to showcase this cover song in this way to show people that this process, even the “fun” one where I’m just covering my favourite songs, sometimes really takes a tremendous emotional toll.

I choose to show it so that you’re not afraid to try it yourself.

And to show that if you just keep trying, eventually, you’ll get one you like.

And to show you that it’s totally okay to cry about it.

Here’s the final take from this day:

That’ll do, CF. That’ll do. That’s a reference from the popular pig-focused movie “Babe”.

I really did start a studio recording of this cover song, and I’m excited to finish it once I can bring myself to work on it again. I do something kinda different with the bridge/interlude of the song that I think you guys might like. But that’s a Jaimee Eat World project, so it’s going to be a little while before I release that one.

Here’s my original song “When If Not Now” that I also mentioned at the end of this Tweet-Festival.

Lyrically, maybe it’s a little embarrassing. But I’d still love to have that conversation with Jim some day. To hear about what the journey’s been like from his perspective, without hearing it in an interview setting. I think it’d be pretty interesting.

This one is special to me for a couple reasons. One, I was intentionally going for a “Jimmy Eat World” production style, in the way the guitar line is sort of a looping-effect (a little different from my other tracks) and the way this song crescendo’s upwards. I have a tendency to favour the other way, a dramatic descent into my personal oblivion.

It was also important to me because although I by no means in any stretch of the word nail the vocal on this one; in fact, I was straining pretty hard trying to hit those higher notes in the chorus on this day, it was a pretty integral recording day for me.

I tracked this vocal after I moved back into my childhood home. The same home that I had always been far too afraid and self-conscious to sing in, afraid that my family would hear me, and tell me I was terrible.

I tracked it in the upper hallway outside my bedroom, because I was trying to pull in the natural reverb from my house. This was something I saw Tom Delonge do in a video documentary about one of the Angels & Airwaves records; a great idea, very cool.

It was the most exposed I’ve ever felt recording a vocal.

I literally started shaking while I was tracking it; the same way I shook the first time I performed live; “Futures” at The Place (I think it’s been demolished since) in Brampton, Ontario when I was 18 or so with my first band A Big Dumb Rocketship.

The funny part about this recording is that when I did it, though I was certain I was home alone; I was still nervous.

After I finished, I realized my sister had been in her room the whole time, and it’s right beside where I was tracking.

Mega embarrassing.

I may not have nailed the vocal, but hell if I’m afraid to sing in this house anymore.

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Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time!

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