Jaimee Eat World Release: Hear You Me

The first cover song in the Jaimee Eat World exclusive discography is officially here, and, bonus, it came with a music video!

We spoke pretty in depth about this song and its significance to us in an earlier blog post when we did the acoustic cover tracking of it back in July 2021, so for the sake of not bogging you down with the same details, for more info on that, check out our earlier blog titled “Hear You Me” Cover Song Series.

As far as tracking this one, we opted to go for a semi-stripped down version of the track, with only acoustic guitar and vocals.

We tracked the acoustic guitar for this one when we were still living in Barrie and we laid down the initial ideas for the vocals/background vocals there, too. But when we re-opened the track to mix it last week, we weren’t totally happy with all of the vocal performances, so while the bulk of the main lead vocal were all completed in Barrie, almost all of the backing vocals in the later half of the song were done during the mixing stage.

I wouldn’t normally advocate for trying to track during the mix stage, but I knew we could hit it a little nicer, and because of the way I tend to build out these recordings anyways, this is a bit of a common practice around here.

Gear wise we’re mostly still just using our Audio-Technica 2020, although we had the SM57 on hand for guitar tracking. It really helps to have 2 mics when you’re tracking acoustic guitar, even if it’s just a 57. It adds a different tonality that you can’t get from the AT2020 and helps bring out the picking a little more.

This song is the first one where I’ve been able to hit a “high” harmony. You hear it in the bridgey/interlude part around 3:04.

Were still super anti-auto tune at this stage in the game, so of course there’s some pitchy-ness here and there, especially on this track (it’s a tough one!) but all in all pretty happy with the way this one turned out.

Effects-wise we didn’t do much on this one, it’s mostly a couple different reverbs and delays you’re hearing, with some subtle chorus and, that whirliness throughout is a light flanger.

As for the music video? We pulled a bunch of royalty free stock video footage from Videezy, and almost all of that is based in Chicago, Illinois. It seemed fitting given our recent pilgrimage to Chicago to see the band play Lollapalooza and Metro Chicago.

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