We have a LOT of projects on the go right now and it’s all quite a lot for just us to handle alone.

These projects were never exactly intended to be a one-woman-show, but I’ve been working with what I’ve got.

That said, I am absolutely ready to get some more hands involved in what’s going on over here.

I’m looking for a few different things depending on the project, so please read through the post for details.

Crooked Forest

Crooked Forest is intended to be a 3-5 piece band and as of right now it’s still just me. I’d like to re-track some of the original demos I’ve released and tour an EP/LP of them once that’s complete.

What I Need:

Drummer*, Bassist*, Second Guitarist*, Keys, Strings (As Required for Recording Only)

Samples Of The Tunes:

Ideally I’d like to link up with a drummer, bassist and guitarist who’s interested in staying on this project, but if you’re only available/interested in recording/session playing, that’s okay, too!

Jaimee Jakobczak

This is my solo-mostly acoustic effort, but I’m still looking for players to hop on the recordings with me, and I’d be interested in having a second guitarist/vocalist join me for shows if that’s something you might be interested in doing, too.

What I Need:

Percussionist*/Drummer, Strings*, Keys*, Bassist

Samples Of The Tunes:

Jaimee Eat World

This is my “Exclusive Jimmy Eat World Discography In Its Entirety” Project. If you know that band, you know what we’re about to dive into.

What I Need:

Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keys, Strings, Horns

Samples Of The Tunes:

I don’t quite sound like Jim or Tom, so here’s some covers I did to either scare you off or entice you to this project:

These are in no way intended to be perfect carbon copies of the recordings and each recording will differ, with some being acoustic, some full band, some mini-band, and so on.

And while we’re all here…


As much fun as I have recording, mixing and producing my own stuff, it’s a lot to take on, too.

So I’m also interested in talking to producers, recording engineers, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, who are interested in getting involved.

What You Need:

Send me some samples of your work (if you have some), an estimate of your rate, and why you want to get involved with the project(s).

This is a paid opportunity but I’m also actively seeking volunteers who will be given precedence given, I only have so much cash, guys and I’ll be allocating funds to the areas that need it most.

Required Experience: NONE

If you’re a newer player/beginner mixer, don’t shy away either. I’ve worked with all sorts of musicians of all sorts of different calibers (check my credit roll) and even if you just picked up your guitar for the first time literally today while reading this post, I will give you just as much consideration as literally anybody else.

This is an equal-employment opportunity and everyone, of all ages, sex, creeds & what have you, are encouraged to apply.

Need More Information?

This was a quick briefing, I know.

Reach out to me directly for more information. If I end up getting a lot of the same questions, I’ll update this post to reflect them.

You can reach me by e-mail at

Please put the project name in the subject line and your desired role, or just say Hey.

If you prefer to chat another way, like setting up a video call of some sort, please start with the e-mail and we can move to whatever platform you prefer.

Thanks for reading & hope to hear from ya soon!

– JJ


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