I left them sat atop a bookshelfA set of tapes freshly woundStories convolutedAnd too long to simply write about No clear order to be foundNone more worthy of a crown As I set the final in its placeI felt my heart rip out my chestThrough the shelves and into the spinesOf the text below where it were to rest In the walls that surroundRestless fists … Continue reading Tapes

Jaimee Eat World Release: Your House

Look at us, sticking to our newly appointed Friday release schedule with a new cover. This week we jump back into Bleed American and tear “Your House” a new one. Listen to the original recording here: Now, check out mine: I originally started out doing an acoustic-based full band cover but I was really struggling with coming up with a drum beat that complimented the … Continue reading Jaimee Eat World Release: Your House

Memory Lane: Wedding Edition Part II

This blog continues on from where we left off in Memory Lane: Wedding Edition Part 1 so head on over there before reading if you haven’t yet. Much like the first instalment, I found myself hesitating a lot before coming here today to write this one, but I think it’s an important story to tell because so much of the world today is still so … Continue reading Memory Lane: Wedding Edition Part II

“Hear You Me” Cover Song Series

I’m a little late getting around to this blog post, but in my defence I sort of hate talking about this one. I did a 3-part YouTube series on my acoustic cover of “Hear You Me” by Jimmy Eat World back on July 9th 2021; I live-tweeted this event, much like I live-tweeted today’s “Tiny Vessels” – Death Cab For Cutie 3-Part cover song series. … Continue reading “Hear You Me” Cover Song Series

“Tiny Vessels” Cover Song Series

I don’t really have a good title for this type of series yet, so this will have to suffice for now. Today I released 3 videos as part of my Wayback-Playback Wednesday acoustic cover song series. Normally, when I do these Wednesday covers they’re all sort of created and released in the same format. I talk a bit about this on this other blog post … Continue reading “Tiny Vessels” Cover Song Series