Interview: Kirby Bliss

From the interview archive.

What prompted the decision to pack up and move to Los Angeles? Was it your idea? 

Once I figured out I wanted to act. I got It in my head that I had to move to Los Angeles as soon as possible to get started. It was definitely my idea. And I am so fortunate that my mom was willing to support me in following my dreams. 

How did that decision go with your parents? 

I think they were nervous at first that I would have my hopes crushed, Which is understandable. I just Was so very determined and had my mind made up. I am so glad that at a young age I had this blind trust in myself and the universe that this would work out for me. Hey, I’m still here though! 

Was it difficult to say goodbye to Texas? 

It was, only due to the fact that I knew I would miss my family. Once I got to L.A. and started working, I knew this was where I was meant to be. I love it here. One of the main reasons is just the ability to do what I love. The weather isn’t bad either. 

When you were acting in series like Hannah Montana and Zoey 101, where were you hoping your career would lead to, or was it something you weren’t considering too seriously then? 

I always wanted this to be the end game. I knew from the first time on set that this was hands down what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life. I don’t know if at that point I was planning on what my career should look like or what roles to take next by any means. I just knew I wanted to work. 

How has that changed now, what are your current career goals?

Absolutely in some ways. I know what i want as far as the trajectory of my career now. Who Knows how it will actually go, It’s a crazy business. but I think it’s important to be thoughtful and put it out in the universe what you really want. 

Do you think that you’re driven more towards horror, drama, or comedy at this stage? 

I want to do it all. Truly. I have done horror, i would like to do more thrillers maybe.I really want to show more of my comedic side for sure. Love to do some action. I would love to do it all and am willing to work hard to prove I can do it all. 

What’s one movie reboot you’d love to be a part of if it was on the table? 

I think I would be incredible if they did a prequel to Kill Bill. I would love to work with Quentin Tarantino and reprise Uma Thurman’s role. That would be pretty frickin cool. 

You’ll also be appearing in Death Wish next year, reunite with Eli Roth. What is one thing you like about working with Eli? 

I think because we went through so much together In jungle and during The Green Inferno. For that I am grateful, I really look up to him and I have complete trust in him as a director. I am so very proud to be a part of this film. 

The film has an incredible cast .Was there anything insightful you learned or will remember from working with veterans like Bruce Willis? 

Bruce was amazing. All of my scenes were with him. He is such a pro it was an honor just to see him work let alone work alongside him. I think what I will take away is that hard work really pays off. He worked his butt off. And I plan to do the very same until working with me will a topic in an interview question. ; ) 

How does Bethany fit into the story? 

Bethany works at Jolly Rodgers. Which is a gun store. She sells guns. And though she may not look like your typical gun range gal, she knows a lot about guns. 

What’s one genre you’d like to experiment with next year? 

I want to do more T.V.definitely. More comedy because i really do love it. Really anything that challenges me and tells a good story. 

If the film industry as a whole was making a New Year’s Resolution list to revamp itself in the new year, what is 1 thing you think it should include?

What a great question. Women equality. Meaning equal rights, equal pay, and absolutely no more sexual harassment.

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