Interview: Emily Bett Rickards

From the interview archive.

The premise for Slumber sounds a little terrifying. What do you think is the first thing you would do if  you woke up in a strange place unsure of why you were there?

Terrifying question for a Saturday morning. I do not know, besides try to learn everything about my surroundings as soon as possible; just be aware of who,  what and where!  

Who do you think would be the most trustworthy person to approach in that situation?

In that situation I  doubt you would have much of a choice! You would have to think on your feet and work with what you’re of given, but survival would have to be your first thought. 

Are you the kind of person who is open to new/experimental treatments or would you go for a more tried  & true treatment?


Can you tell us a bit about your character?

She definitely dream-like and hasn’t lost her inner child. 

What kind of exercises or rituals do you partake in when preparing for a new role?

At the beginning I try  to find something that I connect to in the particular character and if the role moves me, if they feel real to me. I  love finding interesting layers to characters; I read a lot, everything and anything, so I feel that help’s me  breakdown characters. 

You’ve played Felicity Smoak now for a number of years. How do you keep the character fresh for  yourself?

Felicity is a very hopeful person. Even after all the evil she’s faced and those who have been hurt  around her, she still keeps fighting. Keeps finding a new way to work through and always looking up. She stays  fresh. She teaches me. 

In what way would you say Felicity has grown the most since we were first introduced to her?

I think inherently she will always be the girl that is more comfortable hiding behind the screen, I don’t think she ever  thought she would deliver a public speech or any speech or stand on any stage of sorts… but here she is. 

What is one quality Felicity has that you wish you had yourself?

Even though she’s scatterbrained she gets  to be very articulate when she needs to be. I suffer from l’esprit de l’escalier (when you think of what to say after you leave the conversation DANG IT) 

How does it feel to enter different sets as the same character, how do the sets compare, let’s say between  that of Arrow and The Flash?

It’s strange because you stay the same, your character stays the same though  she is written by different people. As the actor sometimes you have to be conscious about the consistency of  your character and her life… And the environment changes. Going and working on a new set with a new crew  is entertaining, and then getting to interact with different scene partners… It’s like new food!

Who is your favourite DC Comics character?

Hmm. Can there be a Batgirl movie soon? 

You’ve made appearances on shows like Whose Line Is It Anyways? And Comedy Bang! Bang! Is  improv and comedy something you’d like to do more of in the future?
Absolutely! To all questions!! Yes!!! 

What’s the most stressful audition you had to do, who was there and what was so nerve wracking about  it?

One that comes to mind was years ago I was 17 and I remember being told “great job now can you do it as a  nun?” I think I passed out of fear and confusion, but I hope someone asks me that now…cause IM SOOO  DAMN PREPARED (am I allowed to swear here?) 

What are your thoughts on social media movements such as the “no-makeup selfie” campaigns? Do you  think these are beneficial to women who come across them? Why?

I’m not sure where my opinion rest in  this. It changes. I’m not always very active on social media because I go back and forth on wether there is more  harm than good because in the end we will always take away what we want from the things we are exposed to,  but I hope and therefore expect the outreach to be positive. 

Who is your biggest female role model and what is one piece of advice she gave you that you would pass  down?

My mom. Be conscious of the walls you build up, love freely, and know you can say no. 

If you weren’t acting, what would you be pursuing?

I’d like to go and study other cultures and live in other  parts of the world. Travel. 

What’s one place you haven’t had a chance to visit yet but would like to and what would you do there? 

Japan to surf, snowboard, eat, (eat&eat) hike, etc. etc…

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