Interview: Jorge Blanco

From the interview archives.

Mexican actor, singer and dancer Jorge Blanco made a name for himself when he starred as Leon Vargas on Disney Channel’s Violetta, but since filming has wrapped he’s been heavily focused on his music career and adjusting to life in L.A. VULKAN connected with Jorge to discuss the release of his latest single “Summer Soul”, developing his unique sound and what producer he’s got his eye on for future releases.  

Your music video for Summer Soul was just released. It looked like such a fun shoot! What was your favorite part of that video shoot?

I think it was the driving on the dessert in that old cool car and then playing with the smoke devices! 

It got me thinking about beautiful hot summer days at the beach. What does your perfect summer day look like when you’re not busy working or practicing your craft?

A whole summer day on a Mexican beach sounds great to me! I love the ocean! I think is one the best places to disconnect from the grind.

In Summer Soul and Risky Business, your vocals kind of remind me of a young Bruno Mars. At this stage do you feel you’re still experimenting with genres or are your starting to narrow down your style?

We’ve been working for almost two years now trying to find what my sound was going to be like. Definitely, this old school funk/modern pop style feels right for me, but I’m gonna keep experimenting with new stuff for sure. That’s kind of the fun part! 

What producer or artist would you most like the opportunity to work with?

One artist and producer I would really like to work with is Pharrell Williams. I really like his music and style. 

With your new music being released and a fanbase that stretches the globe, are there plans for a tour coming up?

Well, nothing confirmed so far, but definitely the plan is to do a tour at some point. I can’t wait to get out there and perform my songs!

Season 3 of Violetta finished airing earlier this year. What about that experience have you found challenging, and what about it kept you coming back each season?

I learned great things professionally and personally from this project. For me, the best part has been knowing the people I met there. They’re now like my brothers and sisters for all those years.

Do you miss Argentina yet?

I do! After 4 years of living there, it feels like home whenever I go back.

Has your life changed since its airing? Are you recognized publicly more often?

A lot! Just to think about the fact that I didn’t know Europe before Violetta. Now thanks to Violetta, I’ve traveled around almost all of Europe. It feels crazy to arrive to a place for the first time ever and everyone there knows you.

Singing, dancing, acting – you’re a triple threat! If you could only do one, which would you choose?

I think I would go for singing, and I dance when I sing so there’s my favorite combo.

Coming from Mexico, was it difficult adapting to L.A life? In what ways have you noticed they’re different?

All of my last years have had a lot of traveling, so adapting to a new environment is not too hard for me. I really love the cultural and artistic exchange in LA because there are people from all around the world here doing what I’m doing. And it’s close enough to home!

These days, social media is a pretty crucial part to any artist’s success. Do you find it demanding to always be, in a way, “available” to your fans, or do you enjoy every minute of it?

I really enjoy using social media and having my motives be pretty clear, which are promote my job and art and stay close to the fans and give them back the same love they give me.

Are you a big emoji user when you’re texting? Everyone seems to gravitate towards one, what’s your go-to-emoji?

I do use emojis a lot. I just feel like it’s an extra tool to express your emotions. Lately the one I use the most is 👍 [thumbs up] (I guess I’m a very positive person) 🤘 😬

What do you hope to tackle next?

I can’t wait to go out and perform my songs! We’ve worked for so long on the recording process. Now I’m ready to sing and dance with them! 

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