Interview: Harry Richardson

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Harry Richardson is a budding young actor who recently appeared in Doctor Thorne and has jsut recently joined the cast of Poldark. Harry talked to VULKAN about getting his start in the business, working with award winning director Niall MacCormick and what we can expect as Poldark evolves with its newest cast members. 

Doctor Thorne was your first major acting gig since graduating from school. Tell us about how it felt the first day you walked onto set? Were you nervous?

I was probably…but I remember the first day just watching Tom Hollander be hilarious in between takes. He really made everyone super comfortable so it was fun from the get go.

Acting in a period drama can be stressful at times trying to remember all the correct mannerisms of the day, was there anything you found particularly challenging on that set?

The properness of the time is hard to get accustomed to. Most of it is made easy by the opulent sets, top hats and tails. Makes you behave yourself! All that stuff is fun though, get into someone else’s shoes and body.

In the series, your character Frank Gresham is encouraged to marry into wealth. If your own family were to put that pressure on you, how do you think you would respond?

I’d tell them to get nicked!

How was working with director Niall MacCormick?

Niall was a legend to work with. Such ease and focus at the same time. He really let us explore the scenes and have a total sense of freedom as far as he was concerned. Learnt an awful lot from Niall.

Season 3 of Poldark resumes shortly, where you’ve signed on as one of Demelza’s brothers. How did that opportunity come up?

Same as any other.. get an email, learn some lines, go meet a stranger and pretend to be Cornish.

Tell us a little about your character, Drake?

Drake is a lovely kid. He’s less interested in God than his older brother and more set upon chasing love. He’s really innocent and sweet but gets on more trouble than he expected. He also comes up against some serious problems and has to grow up fast. It’s been an awesome journey to go on so far.

What is Drake’s relationship with Sam (played by Tom York) like?

Drake and Sam are super close and rely on each other. However Sam’s pretty disapproving of Drake’s lack of Piousness and troubles of the heart. They have their ups and downs but all together they’re an awesome pair.

How does the introduction of Drake and Sam affect the rest of the characters? In particular, will Morwenna be lured in by Drake’s charm?

I think the introduction of the two causes a real stir in the village. They definitely ruffle feathers and get certain people upset. All with good reason though! And as for Morwenna, I think it’s Drake lured in by her charms.

When you’re searching for your next role, what plays a factor for you? The script, surely, but does location or what other cast members that have signed on to a project lure you in?

Yeah it’s a whole package! It becomes your life so all that comes into account. I thought the cast from the previous seasons were so inspiring and the landscapes were breathtaking so this one was a no brainer!

What kind of series or film do you hope to land next? Are you someone craving a comedic role, or perhaps a big action flick?

I have no idea. Good work comes in many different shapes and sizes. I think something really meaty and dark would be a trip after playing Drake, although we’re not done yet! I just wanna do more work that stretches me and is adventurous!

When you’re just having a chill out day, what do you like to do?

Skate, play music, eat and see a film and the days done!

What upcoming film are you most excited to see this year?

Baby Driver maybe, looks really fun and the hype is huge!

What or whom is your biggest motivator for your acting career?

Those moments when you’re watching something and it blows your mind, changes the way you look at the world or gives you shivers. I wanna get the chance to work with people that make work capable of those moments! Also watching other actors work is fascinating, the way they look at people makes you question so much and also find great connection.

If you had to choose one actor that you would say you hope to achieve the same level of success, who would you choose?

Paul Dano maybe.. his work is just so diverse and all of it is wicked! But I don’t think he’s even peaked yet. Which is also a good thing – I don’t wanna ever peak.

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