Jaimee Eat World Release: Always Be (Live)

Coming in spot #10 of our reissued discography, here’s our first track poached from Chase This Light – I went with “Always Be”.

Listen to the original recording here:

Jimmy Eat World – “Always Be”

Side note: I totally forgot “Always Be” was a single and had a video made for it, funny that! Chase This Light didn’t get a ton of love over here in Canadaland after the initial single. It’s a pity. Also, A+ on the outfits in this video, music video stylist. The band should always dress like this.

Now, check out mine:

I was originally going to make this an acoustic recording in the same vein as “You Are Free” but when I started fiddling around with it I really liked how it sounded just the way I practice any cover on any given day so I thought it’d be best to perform it just like that; That decision was guided slightly by the line “could’ve been a night like any other”. This is how many of my nights look. I know, it’s not very exciting.

I’ve never heard the band perform this song in this way but I think it’d sound amazing. I love the recording don’t get me wrong, but the lyrics are so powerful in this song and I actually think the recording doesn’t do them justice.

While the band has a certain expertise in making “sad” songs sound really upbeat and positive, I love when they lean further into the sad side of things.

Normally I’d take a moment in this blog to dive into the lyrics and offer my perspective, but I have an inkling I’ll be doing another cover of this one in the future(s), so I’ll save that for then.

And since this is my 10th recording, I thought I’d technically finished my first Jaimee Eat World record… but since each Jimmy Eat World record tends to come with a bonus cover song attached to it (if not two) and I included one in this set with Last Christmas, it looks like I’ve still got 1 more to go before I can polish this one off, shrink wrap it and send it to stores.

Not sure what’ll it be yet, but make sure you check back soon!

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