Jaimee Eat World Release: Last Christmas

I really wasn’t planning to fit this cover in this year but when you stumble across a Christmas parade – or rather, when one stumbles upon you – you gotta jingle those sleigh bells.

I just happened to be walking home from running a couple quick errands (coffee, browsing electronics stores), when I got a sneak peek at the upcoming Christmas parade floats and remembered at the same time that Jimmy Eat World once covered “Last Christmas,” so, I put the breaks on the first official acoustic cover song release and went with this one instead.

I’m actually not going to dive into the production of this one, but I will keep doing that for original songs, it just feels a little redundant to go into how I vaguely plagiarized both Jimmy’s cover and the original Wham! track.

But what I can say about this one is that it’s the first one that’s intended to be a direct response to their cover.

Where the band opted to only sing the third verse and choruses, I went the other way, taking on verses 1 and 2 and a couple less choruses.

I’m really happy with the guitar tracks on this one; the idea was for them to take the place of the verse and act as a call-out of sorts.

To hopefully understand what I mean by that, first listen to the bands cover, then take a few minutes for mine – and if that’s not enough for ya, revisit the original recording by Wham! to really see how far we took this cover away from it.

I can’t say for certain if I’ll have another cover release before the end of the year, but I’m starting to give some thought to which one(s) will come next, and once I decide on that it usually doesn’t take too long for me to fall into the urge to complete it, so hang tight & have a happy Christmas!

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