They said I was sick
And I’ve always been naive
Turns out it’s not me they see
Just the moments I succeed

And I guess we define it differently
Same words, old dialect in a new scene
Years spent as an understudy with my own hands on the strings
With multicoloured pens tucked into my shirt seam
Moving slowly with the extras, 
Trying to match the mood swings

You could say this isn’t what I was expecting
Rebuilding the life I wanted from the beginning
From drawings that lack legends and symmetry
With more knowledge but less tools than I need 
Redefining simplicity
If it’s what you’re given
All I’ve got now is me

I’ll be live on Twitch tonight for the 2nd ever “A Miserable Evening With Crooked Forest” free livestream show. Originals, covers, and showcasing some brand new songs in progress. Starts at 7PM EST – doors/pre-show slated to begin at about 6:45PM EST.

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