Jestem Krzywym Lasem Now Available on CD

To celebrate the release of Jestem Krzywym Lasem, I ran a very limited run of CD’s.

Like, very limited.

Get a copy now before they’re all gone because I’m 100% not running them this way ever again; that’s not a marketing ploy, I’m just literally not doing that.

Buy the Record on the Crooked Forest Virtual Merch Store via BigCartel Now!

If you buy a copy within the first week, you can use the discount code ABUCKSHORT to save a buck on your order bringing the total down to $7 each.

Afterwards, the price shoots back up to $8 a piece and will remain that way forever.

Even at Christmas time?”

Especially at Christmas time.

You’ve got until midnight on November 10th, 2021 to decide on that sick deal.

No shipping fees, and they’ll go out right away, as soon as I’ve placed them into envelopes myself with a thoroughly licked stamp.

“Stamps come as stickers now.”

Not in my house.

If for some silly reason you’d like your copy signed, leave a note in the checkout with your name and I’d be happy to, but seriously, don’t feel obligated to ask, my sharpie is already low on ink enough as it is and have I mentioned these are only $8?

I designed the artwork myself, and the entire record is home-recorded and mixed by me, too, so you’re very much getting a whole part of me if you pick up one of these.

Oh, and if you put your e-mail address in the notes box as well, you’ll get a special, never-heard-before track delivered straight to your inbox in about a month’s time. Don’t worry, it doesn’t auto-sign you up to the blog updates or some sort of newsletter (I don’t have one), it’s just for the track.

Thanks very much for your support on the album! If you don’t want a physical copy, you can stream the album on like, every digital streaming platform that you can think of, too, so feel free to go that route, too!

“What does it even look like?”

I’m glad someone asked! Here’s a photo of it outside of the shrink wrap.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t have gotten it shrink-wrapped. Honestly I barely knew what I was buying when I put the order in, give me a break on this one.

Plus, it helps keep the CD contained in the wallet, and that’s important so it doesn’t fall out of it by accident in transit!

“I think I’ll try before I buy on this one.”

That’s fine! Here, you can listen to it right here:

And if you missed the blog series that breaks down each song but think that’s something you might be interested in, here’s some quick links to all of them.

Jestem Krzywym Lasem Track-By-Track



Without You


Such Great Heights

And if you DO wanna sign up for blog updates… this is where to do that:

Thanks again and make sure you check out my Tour page for info on where/when I’m performing next!

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