Credit Roll

A self-maintained list of Producers, Artists, Engineers, Session Musicians, Recording Studios & Organizations I’ve worked with.

Please note that this list is ongoing. If you are missing from this list and would like to be added, please let me know. If you would like to be taken off this list, I’m sorry, but that would be like pretending we never worked together and I absolutely will not allow that. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions at Thanks!


  • Brian Moncarz
  • David Bottrill
  • Eddie Kramer
  • Joel Plaskett
  • Joel Kazmi
  • Cone McCaslin
  • Daryn Barry
  • Boi 1Da
  • T-Minus
  • Eric Ratz
  • Gavin Brown


  • Great Big Sea
  • Negramaro
  • Drake
  • Tim Oxford (The Arkells)
  • Anthony Carone (The Arkells)
  • The Arkells (Editing of a Live Event)
  • T-Pain
  • Sarah Harmer
  • Sarah Slean
  • The Strumbellas
  • Sky Culture
  • Prizefighter
  • Nikki’s Trick
  • Kai (Alessia Degasperis)
  • Red Roses Black (Sean Andrews)
  • Stereos
  • Aukland
  • Seam
  • Ian D’Sa (Billy Talent)
  • The Real
  • Dead Celebrity Club
  • Bleeker Ridge
  • Darryl Riley
  • Punchalice
  • Chasing Jane
  • Glass Ampp
  • Triumph (Editing of Liner Notes for Greatest Hits Record)
  • Tails, You Lose!


  • L. Stu Young (Recording Engineer)
  • Lenny DeRose (Mix Engineer)
  • Chris Crerar (Recording, Mix & Mastering Engineer)
  • Wayne Cochrane (Recording & Mix Engineer)
  • Michael Philip McRaphone (Recording Engineer)
  • Richard Bradley (Mastering Engineer)
  • John Watt (Live Events Engineer)
  • Steven Kiersten (Mastering Engineer)
  • Lake Curry (Recording Engineer)
  • Omar Riad (Recording Engineer)
  • Jeff Crake (Recording Engineer)
  • Metal (Recording Engineer)
  • Kevin Dietz (Recording & Mix Engineer)
  • Matthew Cody (Recording Engineer)
  • Noah “40” Shabib (Recording Engineer/Producer)
  • Noel Cadastre (Recording Engineer)

Session Musicians

  • Steve Szrai (Bass)
  • Sekou Lamoumba (Drums)
  • Dave Patel (Drums)
  • Nicholas Bertoli (Violin)


  • Make Music Matter

Recording Studios

  • Whirlwind Sound
  • Rattlebox Studios
  • Rattlebox Studios North
  • Mushroom Studios
  • Orange Lounge Recording Studio
  • Oak Recording Studio
  • Noble Street Recording Studio
  • Jukasa Recording Studio

Festivals/Live Events

  • Young The Giant
  • Taking Back Sunday
  • Sam Smith
  • Franz Ferdinand
  • Slayer
  • Jenelle Monae
  • James Blake
  • The Mississauga Waterfront Festival
  • Assorted other gigs I’ll never remember

Honourable Mentions

These are some instructors and otherwise people I would feel poorly about leaving out as they were in many ways instrumental to the beginning of my audio engineering career. I didn’t work directly with any of these people in a studio or live environment so that’s why I’ve placed them here.

  • Alfio Annibalini
  • Pier Di Biase
  • Elliott Sairan
  • John Wozniak
  • Peter “Stoy” Stoynich
  • Mike Primeau
  • Rich Stone
  • Ian Bodzasi
  • Craig Titus
  • Terry Kerr
  • Brian Allen
  • Filip Smialek
  • Mike Bisanti
  • Nick Perry
  • Damon de Szegheo
  • Tom Doyle (Government/Kool Hause)
  • Darren “Jeter” Magierowski (Jukasa Media Group/Recording Studio)
  • Adam “Lamp” Feldman
  • Giancarlo Gallo
  • Paul Gross