Interview: Logan Shroyer

What attracted you to the role of teenage Kevin in This Is Us?

The writing was incredible and I loved the complexities and the layers of the character. He’s idolized by so many yet also has issues and insecurities.  

What’s one thing that comes with the territory of being a professional actor that you could do without?

 I could do without people acting like they like me just because they know I’m doing something in the entertainment industry. It’s much easier when people are forthcoming and genuine. 

What’s one thing that teenage Kevin might do that teenage Logan would never dare?

Teenage Kevin would probably be the person who would deliberately sabotage or be vengeful, and that’s not something I would ever do. 

It’s bizarre how similar you and your teen-costars resemble your adult-costar counterparts, what’s the dynamic like when you’re all together at the same time?

We don’t see each other that much because we’re in different time periods, so we don’t really cross over.  If we’re ever all in the same room it would probably be for some sort of ceremony or gathering.  

What’s your favourite part about working on this series?

I’m so fortunate to work with such an incredible cast and the script is of course amazing!  The writers pour their hearts and souls into it and that definitely shows.  Working with Milo and Mandy has been very rewarding as well.  Since the first day on set they have gone out of their way to make us all feel like a family. 

Who is one actor that you might feel star-struck upon meeting?

Probably Leonardo DiCaprio. 

What’s one film/tv genre you’d like to explore further?

This is kind of a film nerd answer but I really love the French New Wave movement.  I would love to explore more films of that genre.

Is there a classic film that you’d like to take part in recreating? If so, which?

I’m not  that big of a fan of remakes but I can’t deny that I would probably love to remake “The Purple Rose of Cairo” (A film from the 80’s directed by Woody Allen)

What is one role played by another actor that you still marvel at to this day?

Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York.  

How did you handle your first audition rejection? What was it for?

It was for a Disney pilot and I got a call back where I read for ten or so producers.  I confidently walked in the room and set down the script thinking I had it all memorized. I instantly blew the first line and tried to play it off.  They liked me but needless to say I didn’t get the part. 

Some of your fans might be surprised to know you also have a band. How much time do you get to jam or gig with Liquid Glass?

It’s been a while since we’ve all been able to sit down and play together now that everyone is in college. Honestly I wish I could do that more, but who knows– I could always end up booking a role where I play guitar so maybe I could get my fix that way. 

You can only choose 1 band to tour with, who do you pick and what venue do you kick off the tour at?

Definitely John Mayer. 

Anything else coming up that we should keep an eye out for?

The Relic—It’s a project that I’m directing, producing, acting, and writing with my good friends.  We are releasing it in small bits via Instagram and you can check it out @therelic if you’re interested in seeing what it looks like 

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