Interview: Dylan Sprayberry

From the interview archives.

You know Dylan Sprayberry as young Clark Kent from 2013’s Man of Steel and as Liam from MTV’s Teen Wolf. VULKAN caught up with Dylan to talk about the end of Teen Wolf and his upcoming film The Malibu Tapes

Can you tell us one story from the set of Teen Wolf that you will always remember?

I’ll always remember the time I was filming a scene with Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien. Tyler was supposed to be getting my character (Liam) angry enough to break down a security door. The action was him repeatedly fake punching me in the face while I yell my ass off. The last take, we started the motion and on the 3rd punch Ty accidently hit me square in the nose. I kept acting the scene out incase nobody saw, but Tyler grabbed me in a big hug and my nose started bleeding. It was pretty epic. My nose bleed shut down production for a good 15 min.

What’s one thing you learned from that set that you’ll take with you to your next gig?

The most valuable thing I’ve ever learned on Teen Wolf is how to be ready for any situation. On TV shows you always have a deadline for when the episodes start airing. Deadlines usually cause people to panic but on Teen Wolf we always stuck together even in the most difficult periods of time to get our show finished in the best way possible.

Is there anything about your character Liam that you would have liked more time to develop?

I would’ve personally love it if the writers had given Liam more time to develop a beard. I think that would’ve been a great turn for Liam’s character.

You’ve previously played Clark Kent but, are there any other superheros you’d like to get your hands on?

I would love to play a young wolverine. As I am used to playing a furry character who is angry all the time and has sharp things coming out of his hands, I think I could do well in that role.

The Malibu Tapes tells the story of a group of teens who embark on a camping trip after a wild party. Is this the kind of thing that would ever happen in your own life?

Well, Malibu Tapes has some pretty interesting turns in the story that I️ don’t think would ever take place in my actual life. I could definitely see my friends and I having an extraordinary road trip adventure together and coming back with some pretty epic stories.

What kind of role does Josh take in the Malibu Tapes?

Josh is the one who brings the mystery of the missing boys to light and won’t give up till he gets answers.

What’s the longest you think you could stand living in the wilderness?

I think with the right survival training and knowledge I could stand living in the wilderness for a good while. I love Nature. Especially in the winter. Doing a survival challenge is actually something that I would love to do at some point in my life. I’m not sure when and where that will happen, but I truly hope it does at some point.

Do you consider yourself a spontaneous risk taker or are you more calculated and safe?

I guess you call me a calculated risk taker. Keep in mind I’m making this definition up. A calculated risk taker is someone who likes to take risks but only within the subjects that he/she feels confident in. Don’t ever try to get me to go up on a cliff though… I’m extremely terrified of heights… and spiders.

What’s the riskiest thing you’ve ever done?

I remember when I was 12 years old I went to Universal Studios with my friend. As we were going up the escalators, he dared me to climb over the railing and jump off the other side onto the staircase. Without a second thought, I grabbed onto the side of the escalator and pulled myself onto the ledge. I looked over the other side and immediately realized the drop down to the staircase was way more than I could handle. Instead, I let the escalator railing drag me halfway up the escalators until a nice man let me climb back over into the escalators. Not the most risky thing I’ve ever done, that’s a story for my ears only.

What’s your favourite home-cooked Texas meal to eat and who makes it best?

My favorite home-cooked Texas meal is probably jalapeño cornbread and a roasted chicken. My grandma always makes the food. She has recipes from generations back. But my favorite meal when I’m back home in Houston is probably a pulled pork sandwich, spicy sausage, pecan pie and sweet tea at Goodie Company Barbecue.

What does a day off look like for you?

My days off usually consist of two hours of training at the beginning of the day, writing songs for my band, taking photos, coming up with ideas for scripts and spending time with family and friends.

What’s one thing that you will not leave your house without doing?

Turn off the lights and lock the doors? I think that’s pretty normal? Was this a trick question!?

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