Interview: Cody Christian

From the interview archives.

You know him as Theo from MTV’s Teen Wolf and from hit series Pretty Little Liars as Mike, but outside of those roles, he goes by Cody Christian. VULKAN caught up with Cody to talk about the end of Teen Wolf and his upcoming role in Assassination Nation. 

What, to you, was the most interesting aspect of your character Theo in Teen Wolf?

I always saw Theo as merely a product of his own environment. I don’t believe anyone to be born with maniacal intentions or a jaded perspective in life. One quote that resonates with me in regards to the character (I believe I saw this from a fan made image) is “Why should I apologize for the monster I’ve become, no one ever apologized for making me this way.” No villain ever thinks they’re the bad guy, that their perspective is evil or unjust, and to me, adopting this characteristic and allowing it to play truthfully and authentically within the world of Beacon Hills is something I thoroughly enjoyed.

The series finale was left pretty open ended, if it was ever brought back to the table to continue the story, would you be interested in that?

There is so much potential depth to this character that we simply did not have to the time to explore. However, I’ve said this before, and months after being picture wrapped from the production, I still feel the same; if there is a story to be told involving Theo Raeken, I’d be more than willing to reprise the role and explore that life on screen.

What will you miss most about working on this series?

Teen Wolf had so many ingredients that made it a successful show. The one most prominent in my eyes was the cast and crew dynamic and overall relationship. A synchronicity was created and nurtured season to season. I was fortunate enough to experience this sort of creative environment on set where everyone involved was truly invested. The show was like a family. We had some tough days, some easy ones, people bickered and disagreed at times, but what family doesn’t? I knew coming into work everyday that I was surrounded by people who truly cared and I wouldn’t have traded that feeling of comfortability for anything in the world.

What is one thing you learned about yourself while playing this character?

I learned a lot about myself in regards to my craft. What I was capable of as an actor. I gained confidence and affirmation of truth in knowing I was pursuing something I not only believed in, but had an undying passion for. I learned from my time on the show that I was both capable and willing to step up and handle any workload, big or small, in the pursuit of my sought after career.

Upcoming you’ll be appearing in Assassination Nation, what made you want to try out for this film?

Being an unemployed actor is a huge incentive for wanting to audition. Hahaha. Assassination Nation is a great story. It’s relevant and carries a significant, impactful message that I’m proud to stand behind.

Can you tell us a little bit about Johnny and his role in the film?

I don’t want to give away too much. But I will tell you he’s a very prominent protagonist within the story. Some people are gonna love him, most people are gonna hate him.

What’s the strangest thing a fan or stranger has said to you when they came across you in public?

I’ve had a few strange encounters, however, most everyone has been very respectful. I love this relationship I continue to grow with any fan or supporter. I want them to know and truly believe that they as much apart of this process as I am.

Who is generally the first person you call to tell about a new role?

Depends on the circumstances. To talk about an upcoming role that I’ve yet to secure? My team. A role that I’ve booked and plan to take on? My mom.

When you’re struggling with getting into a character’s headspace, what is one question you ask yourself that helps you lock into their personality or story?

What would this character do. Create/study the backstory of the character. If you understand where someone comes from and their past actions, it can help me manifest their future actions.

One is one thing you hope to accomplish by the time you turn 25?


Do you have anything else upcoming that we should keep an eye out for?

I just finished production on an incredible true story of a MMA fighter named Nick Newell. Born with a congenital amputation and against all odds, proves to everyone, but most importantly, himself, that anything in life is possible, a message I couldn’t be more proud to stand behind. I’ll have more news and such much content to share in the upcoming months!

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