From the street
Buried disillusion
Can’t compete
Less than useless
Still I see
Nothing moving, 
No restitution
A one-sided outdated constitution

Written over unmarked graves 
No need to explain anything
Reinvent reasons for choices made
If you just pretend, it’s okay

They say to let things fall where they may
They say there’s a plan for things being this way
For the greater good, they boldly proclaim
Hanging the hoods used to conceal their face

Rested on concrete
Face down, barely breathing
Molded to the sidewalk
An image etched into history 
Snap back to this nightmare
Still standing, hyperventilating
No recollection of the journey
Skipped ahead straight to the ending

An out-of-step-sequence circulating
A bullet point for every should they or should we
A community torn apart by misdeeds
Onlookers too stiff to intervene
Hoping to be sourced in the media frenzy

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