Stories and Other Musings

Sometimes when I’m not writing lyrics, I write short stories, poems, plays, and other random assorted creative works. These are all posted to the blog but I’ll try to feature a select few here to get you started.

Short Stories

The Three Little Blink Boys

The Fall of Exetar

From the CF archives, this is a Medieval Ages novella written when I was 16 or so (Circa 2016).

Tabby & The Kodiak Bear

From the CF archives, this is a fable about the finer things in life. (Circa 2016).



Open to interpretation.

(Written 2020).


From the CF Archives/Vault, a poem about feeling out of control and riddled with anxiety. (Circa 2005-2006).

Funeral For A Friend

From the CF Archives, an old poem about dying young. (Circa 2002/2003).


The Robbery

From the CF Archives, this is an old play I wrote. It’s about a robbery. (Circa 2015.)