Tabby & The Kodiak Bear

This is an old Fable I wrote sometime circa 2006 for in high school. It’s pretty fun. Enjoy!

Tabby & The Kodiak Bear

    One evening while taking a stroll in the woods, Tabby the cat came across a cave. It was dimly lit by torches hanging on the walls, and Tabby could see many paintings.
    Upon entering the cave, she came across a Kodiak bear. “You have many nice things,” she told him, gazing at all of his decorations.
    “Not enough,” the bear grumbled, and sent Tabby off.
    That night Tabby told her friends what she saw, all the while playing with her only, but favourite yarn ball.
    Later that week on her typical evening stroll, Tabby noticed a change in the cave. The torches were bigger and beads hung loose from the entrance.
    “This all looks rather extravagant,” she said to the bear. “You’re very lucky to have so much.”
    “Not lucky enough,” he grumbled, as he flopped down onto his king bed. “Now leave me alone, I’ve got a lot to do.”
    That night Tabby told her friends of the bears’ great wealth – all the while playing with her favourite yarn ball.
    Finally Tabby set out on a mission, wandering over to the bears’ great cave. She had questions which she found herself constantly asking.
    “What’s your favourite possession?” she enquired. “You must have a favourite.”
    The bear paused, thinking, and finally said, “I don’t have a favourite.” He looked around his cave at all the items he owned, but the question had stumped him.
    “Don’t you feel crowded here? You’ve hardly got room to breathe in this cave.”
    “I never feel crowded,” the Kodiak bear said, as quiet as it was almost a whimper, and then quickly he sent Tabby off.
    That night Tabby told all her friends what she saw, as she played with her only yarn ball. In the middle of the woods, there was a large empty cave with a single Kodiak bear.
    Tabby didn’t visit the bear for a while, but a few months after winter had passed she decided to see what new things he had obtained.
    This time there were no torches on the wall. No paintings. No furniture. There was absolutely nothing. In the corner of the cave hunched over on his side was the Kodiak bear.
    “I lost it all,” he mumbled. “Over the winter, somehow, I lost it all. Anything I had was ruined from the winter weather, and a lot of things were missing …. Probably stolen,” he started to cry. Tabby consoled him for as long as she should, but in the end decided she couldn’t do enough. She brought the bear over to her alley where she and her friends lived. At the end of the evening, the bear told them he’d never been as happy as he was when he was with them, even though all they had was one single yarn ball.

True happiness cannot be obtained through the gain of material goods.

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