Funeral For A Friend

Tonight I sit in the loneliest of all rooms
It’s full of colour and pictures of a happy childhood
The light comes in from three big windows
and I can see kids riding their bikes on the street
So happy, so naive
When I close my eyes I can feel it.
I want to feel it.
Make me blind.

Tonight I stand on the tallest of all bridges
The cities alive in the middle of the night
The moon watches over the lake
And there’s a big boat having a party a couple miles away
My hands to my ears,
I can hear them laughing
I want to hear it.
Make me deaf.

Tonight I lie beneath the most majestic of all galaxies
This is where the stars hide away from the suburban streets
In my head I list everything I haven’t finished
And I ask you for advice
When I stop talking I know you’ve offered me your shoulder
I want you to be here.
Don’t let me speak.

Today I will spend at the most beautiful of all churches
In the front pew, I’ve got the best seat.
I close my eyes; I can see you
I drown out all sound; I can hear you
I become mute; I can feel you

And now everything is okay, because I’ve found you
And I’m reminded you can’t leave twice.

I was pretty young when I wrote this one, sometime in 2002 or 2003.

Reading it back now, I was almost definitely thinking about #24 who you can read about in that blog post, but this would’ve been written after my grandmother passed away so I think I was probably thinking about her, too.

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