Starve away your biggest fears with Dan Krochmal’s soothing “Fomo”

Like a light cool breeze on the first hot summer day, Dan Krochmal’s “Fomo” hits the sweet spot in the first few seconds of this contemporary pop-rock track. Before hearing a single word it brings you into the early days of the Gin Blossoms or Goo Goo Dolls with brilliant clean guitar lines and a rhythm section that knows how to settle right into the pocket of it all.

Krochmal’s rich melodic sensibility is palpable immediately, rallying you into the groove so expertly crafted by the instrumentation. Vocally he mirrors the trouble-free casual tone of artists like Don McLean or Simon and Garfunkel and his pleasant demeanour is both reassuring and compassionate.

Dan Krochmal – Fomo

Before heading back into the line which the track gets its namesake, he sings, “some days I don’t feel like me at all, darkness falls and I hit a wall,” and it’s one of those lines that is so simple and straightforward that we can all relate to it in some way and the cadence he naturally inflicts onto it is easy to embrace. This darkness is not met without a blinding light however; As he repeats throughout, “I can’t keep on living life in doubt for fear of missing out,” you know that he’s met his own struggle head on and sees himself working his way out the other side. It’s encouraging and calming, giving us the understanding that wherever we are in our own journey’s, there is hope for a better outcome from wherever we feel we stand today.

The production on this track is one that reminds us how a great song like “Fomo” needs little added flare in order to truly shine; In fact anything more than what it is might be too distracting and tarnish the easy-going vibe. The arrangements, however simplified are engineered flawlessly and mixed cleanly, careful not to colour the natural timbre of each instrument. Like a great Beatles classic, the song really speaks for itself and we imagine the acoustic cut of this one is just as enticing as this full band production.

With songs like this, Dan Krochmal is no doubt one of those rare talents that can attract even the busiest commuters on their walk into work to stop and have a listen.

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