We’re Down in the Dirt with Martin Feral

This track dropped on April 1st, but it is no joke.

It thumps right out of the speakers and spills itself all over your floor. Drawing likeness to George Thorogood & the Destroyers “Bad to the Bone”, this riff-heavy intro immediately brings us back to the days where big-haired rockers like Sammy Hagar and Twisted Sister ruled the airwaves and we’re here for it.

The riff drops out and appearing out of the smokey haze drifting out from the fog machine that has filled the stage we’re introduced to Irish-born lead vocalist and songwriter Martin Feral who reminds us every so slightly of April Wine’s Myles Goodwyn, and like a good preacher he’s here to re-introduce us to real rock n’roll.

“Misery loves company, well, make room for one more,” he belts before taking to the refrain built of the track’s title. It’s the kind of sneering sarcasm that we’ve come to appreciate from personalities like Alice Cooper and only in the moment of barreling through the bass-dense pounding of this song do we realize how much we miss it. You just don’t find this type of rock on modern radio today, instead it’s often reserved for 70’s and 80’s classic rock cover bands tearing the walls off your local dive bar when it’s more at home and rightly deserved to be blaring in stadiums instead.

The real treat in this song comes in the later half when it rips into a gnarly guitar solo that would rival any of Billy Gibbons’ best riffs, soaked in a salt and vinegar-laden crispy tone as it points us towards Feral’s blues-rock roots. Without a doubt, it would inspire any guitarist to pick up their axe to learn it on the spot (we may be guilty ourselves of being driven to do just that).

By the end of the track we’re rolling around in the dirt with Feral and we’ve gotta say, it sure beats concrete.

Keep up with Martin Feral by visiting his website and social media channels

Website: www.martinferal.com

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