Indecent Proposal got us Feeling Good

As the needle hits the record we’re met by a single acoustic guitar playfully strumming along underneath a simple refrain as though we’re listening to the beginning stages of how this track came to be before any lyrics were drawn up to it. As a cool-tempered electric guitar noodles into our headphones, so does the drummer and his kit is ready to pop off.

Literally, this track pops; largely in thanks to the jazzy-rumbling of the bass pumping our feet up from under us.

Settling somewhere in between the acoustic stylings of Vance Joy and the electro-indie vibes of Neon Trees with just a touch of modern RNB including a hint of auto-tune processing tucked beneath lead vocalist Josh Brown’s unique timbre, if Indecent Proposal’s aim is to get us wiggling out of our chairs and bumping along to the band, it doesn’t take very long for them to achieve their goal.

With similar euphoric vibes attune to Pharells’ “Happy” or Bruno Mars breakthrough hit “Count On Me”, the simplistic nature of the lyrics are highly effective in inspiring listeners to just take it easy and get into the beat. The real treat in the production comes from the lead guitar lines that waver somewhere between blues and funk but are sitting almost in the background, calling for you to inch your ears into your headphones to get a fuller taste.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I felt like the track would benefit from a clean alternate version; while the explicit lyrics are by today’s time remarkably tame, they really stand out amidst the otherwise cool, casual tone of the production as a whole. Of course, you could argue that they serve best to reinforce the song’s message which mirrors that of the band itself who stand for allowing people to be who they are regardless of what others will think of them.

As the track quietly fades out, we take to our daily meditative journal to reflect on how we’re feeling after our listening session..

Joyful. Relaxed. Appreciative.


We’re feeling good.

Keep up with Indecent Proposal on their website and social media channels below.


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