Death Bus For Blondie’s “Asphalt Meadows” Now Streaming Everywhere

Happy “Asphalt Meadows” day!

Death Cab For Cutie just released an acoustic alt of “Asphalt Meadows” and to celebrate, Death Bus For Blondie decided to go ahead and release her very-not-acoustic cover album of the same across all streaming platforms.

Did they get permission?


Will it get taken down eventually?

“Only if we’re sued!” – Death Bus.

Listen now wherever you stream stuff by searching for Death Bus For Blondie or Asphalt Meadows on this, Asphalt Meadows Acoustic Day.

Will there be more Death Bus For Blondie releases or is this the end of it all?

“There are still a couple I intended to do before I got all swept away by Asphalt Meadows last year, so look out for those. There’s no real end date for this project but there are other highways calling for us to putter along, if you will.” – Death Bus.

Silliness aside, Asphalt Meadows quickly became my favourite record of 2022 and is the one Death Cab For Cutie record that in a weird way seemed to meet me right where I was at in my own life, so I couldn’t help but finish covering the whole thing.

Thanks for listening & I hope you enjoy it.

Make sure you actually listen to the original record and its acoustic counterpart, though. But after all that, listen to mine.

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